Kayla Abramowitz (she/her)

University of Texas at Austin

Jupiter, FL

Public Advocacy
I am interested in spreading awareness and knowledge around disability rights to broad audiences, particularly children.

Laith Awad (he/him)

University of Rochester

Caguas, PR

As a future physician, I plan to develop multiple tactics to address medical disparities nationwide and provide aid to all humans regardless of their background.

Connor Barrett (he/him)

Swarthmore College

Temple, PA

Economics, Black Studies, and Education
I plan to focus on domestic and sexual violence protection and prevention, and I am passionate about helping others find their peace.

Ruth Befekadu (she/her)

The University of Texas at Austin

Round Rock, TX

I’d like to focus on improving mental health care in underserved settings through mobilizing local resources. I’d also like to focus on overall mental wellbeing within contexts like peace building and development.

Yali Beit-Arie (he/him)

University of Pittsburgh

Brookline, MA

Sociology and Philosophy
I hope to combine my passions for immigration and advocacy with my experience in education and human rights to pave the way for more equitable and compassionate immigration and education systems.

Krupa Bharodiya (she/her)

North Carolina State University

Morrisville, NC

Business Administration
I am passionate about the relationship between humans and the environment and the evolving climate crisis.

Chase Breaux (he/him)

Wabash College

Houston, TX

Political Science
I hope to help reshape the U.S. criminal justice system so that equal protection under the law is not just an American ideal but a reality.

Naomi Breazeale (she/her)

Hamline University

Hudson, WI

Global Studies and Spanish
I hope to focus on the experiences of religious minority groups within different cultural contexts by expanding on my background researching minority religious groups in Costa Rica.

Andrew Charroux (he/him)

Harvard College

Los Angeles, CA

Social Studies
I plan to study how philanthropy, advocacy groups, and policy ecosystems can come together to most effectively address the crisis of despair occurring within the United States: deaths from drugs, suicide, alcohol, and our falling life expectancy.

Isabelle Cole (she/her)

Salve Regina University

Chelmsford, MA

Social Work and Global Studies
After studying immigration in Morocco, I would like to continue working in this field to advocate for more just international immigration policies that support the integration and protection of migrants.

Monet Cook (she/her)

Howard University

Sacramento, CA

International Affairs
I want to focus on health disparities in marginalized communities with a focus on global health–he COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the ongoing climate crisis, continues to expose so many inequities in our health care system, and communities of color are often those most affected by these inequities.

Mae Cramer (she/her)

Gonzaga University

Lynnwood, WA

Political Science
I intend to focus on women’s rights and immigration rights within public service–I am passionate about amplifying the voices of those who are not always heard, and advocating for the rights of those who have had theirs stolen.

Ella Quinn Dennis (she/her)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Downers Grove, IL

Global Studies and Psychology
I hope to work with gender-based violence activists across the globe to create prevention and awareness campaigns that operate under the paradigms of cultural specificity and anti-imperialism, giving historically oppressed communities the agency to decide which prevention methods would work best for them.

Genevieve Depke (she/her)

Barnard College

Cape Elizabeth, ME

I plan to focus on public health, specifically achieving better access to effective medical care. I hope to integrate my passion for science and creating meaningful change through service at the intersection of public health and clinical medicine.

Kadidiatou Diallo (she/her)

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN

Health Services Management
I hope to continue public service work after earning a Master’s degree in health care Administration.

Ainor Elgamal (she/her)

Arizona State University

Avondale, AZ

Political Science and Public Policy and Public Service
My biggest priorities are immigration reform and significant social justice reform. I am hopeful that we can make our country a safer and more equitable place for individuals of all backgrounds.

LyLena D. Estabine (she/her)

Harvard College

Olathe, KS

I’m interested in exploring how to structurally reintegrate stakeholders that have been traditionally left out of international development and urban planning conversations, and using tools like community-based design to work more sustainably.

Hannah Feng (she/her)

University of Michigan

Ada, MI

Psychology & International Studies
I plan to focus on increasing Asian communities’ access to mental health care while reducing stigma. I also plan to conduct cross-cultural research about how neurodivergence may manifest differently in non-Western cultures.

Andrea G. Fernandez (she/her)

Harvard College

Astoria, NY

History and Literature (Ethnic Studies)
I plan to focus on global health, specifically helping cities ensure that their constituents live the safest and longest lives possible

Bricen Fisher (he/him)

City University of New York, Baruch College

Boynton Beach, FL

Statistics and Quantitative Modeling
I plan to engage in a public service career by utilizing data and finance to empower a deeper understanding of resilience and infrastructure development.

Madysen Forney (she/her)

Clark Atlanta University

McDonough, GA

Political Science
I plan to focus on equity within health policies –accessibility and quality resources are vital for citizens to lead long and healthy lives in America.

Michael Gadinis (he/him)

Claremont McKenna College

Syosset, NY

Government with Public Law Concentration
I plan to focus on supporting survivors of sexual violence on the individual, community, and institutional levels. I’m interested in empathetic support practices that reaffirm the experiences of survivors and engage in open dialogues about sexual violence to help destigmatize survivors’s experiences.

Terra Gallo (she/her)

Colby College

Cumberland, ME

Economics and Environmental Policy
I want to focus on environmental issues and building communities that are resilient to climate change. I am passionate about food insecurity and food justice, and I plan to work collaboratively to find solutions.

Tamara Gonzalez (she/her)

University of Houston

Houston, TX

Public Health
I want to help decrease our nation’s health care disparities in low-income hispanic and Black communities, specifically in my city of Houston. I especially want to ensure that all our kids in Houston have good health care and a healthy community to grow up in.

David Gonzalez Chavez (he/him)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC

Religious Studies and Information Science
I hope to focus on tackling systemic barriers in place that hinder underrepresented communities from seeking or entering graduate programs, as I firmly believe that higher educational achievement is necessary for addressing inequities.

Simret Habte (she/her)

Loyola Marymount University

Omaha, NE

I want to research the impacts of climate change and environmental hazards on Black and brown communities. I’m passionate about serving the communities that I come from and being a part of their growth.

Abukar Hassan (he/him)

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

would like to solve the problem of poverty by exploring minimum wages and their impact. I’d like to start my own non-profit company to focus on educating more people so that they don’t have to settle for minimum-paying jobs.

Karrington Hendrix (she/her)

California State University, East Bay

San Ramon, CA

Public Health with a Medical Sciences Concentration
I want to focus on increasing mental health services to students of color within our education system by connecting and encouraging more counselors of color to work in our school districts.

Nola Hill (she/they)

Georgia State University

Lanham, MD

Speech Communication
I hope to focus on harm reduction by providing resources such as Narcan, fentanyl test strips, etc. to the community.

Mary Hurner (she/her)

Hamilton College

Heber City, UT

Public Policy
I hope to learn more about refugee issues around the world and the private and governmental organizations committed to providing refugee aid.

Ka‘ai I (he/him)

Syracuse University

Shelby, NC

Policy Studies
I plan on focusing on combating the housing crisis in Hawaii, by advocating for a restructuring of the nonprofit sector to shift the emphasis on collaboration rather than creation.

Jack Immanuel (he/him)

University of Pennsylvania

Hicksville, NY

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics with a Globalization Concentration; Minors in International Relations and Survey Research and Data Analytics
I plan to focus on migration policy and analyze the broken immigration systems that are pervasive throughout the international system. I intend to cross-analyze different countries’ immigration systems and the political-economic injustices that force migrants from their homes.

Braydan Issermoyer (he/him)

University of Pittsburgh

Walnutport, PA

Political Science and Psychology
I plan to study electoral politics, specifically why people vote the way they do, as well as why people choose not to vote. I believe voting is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal, and that we the people should be able to exercise it, free from the pressures of polarization and restrictive voting laws.

Juan Johnson (he/him)

Morehouse College

Laurel, MS

Chemistry, Pre-Dental
My focus is in innovating public health dentistry, sustainability, and technology. I plan to provide quality dental health care access to all people.

Jheannelle Johnson (she/her)

Howard University

Oakland Park, FL

I plan to focus on expanding access to culturally competent care for underrepresented backgrounds with the intention of increasing health literacy and decreasing health disparities for communities of color.

Kelis Johnson (she/her)

North Carolina State University

Greensboro, NC

Africana Studies and Public Health
I plan to focus on disease and nutrition issues as it relates to community health within public service. I want to heal communities and solve public health issues for future generations.

Janice Kang (she/her)

University of Michigan

Glenview, IL

Political Science and Spanish
I plan to focus on education inequality in the United States so that a student’s zip code is no longer a large predictor of success.

Razan Karar (she/her)

Brown University

Coralville, IA

Computer Science
I plan to focus on the intersection of tech entrepreneurship and public service. I am committed to using my knowledge and abilities, including my technical skills, to enact sustainable social good.

Nick Kennedy (he/him)

University of South Dakota

Lawrence, KS

Native American Studies & History
I am interested in the issue of repatriation and jurisdiction, such as items of material culture that exist outside of tribal boundaries. As a future attorney, I am also interested in examining legal disparities in reservation communities.

Alexandria King (she/her)

Harvard College

Highland Village, TX

It is my belief that most issues in America can be addressed through the expansion and strengthening of voting rights–which is more important than ever.

Sierra Kinsler (she/her)

Cornell University

Owings Mills, MD

International Trade & Development
I plan to focus on the issue of substance use, particularly in young adults. I hope to promote the use of art as an outlet and expose youth to alternatives for social engagements that can be used to combat peer pressure.

Kiera Ledermann (she/her)

University of Pittsburgh

New Cumberland, PA

I plan to explore the ways city governments can increase capacity in their efforts against climate change. By studying the operations of one of the most sustainable cities in the United States, I hope to find strategies other cities can utilize.

Chali Lee (he/him)

Stanford University

Fresno, CA

Political Science
I plan to focus on uplifting stories from intersectional queer communities and Southeast Asian youth to combat erasure and misrepresentation of these people. Though these communities are small, they are incredible vessels of knowledge, culture, and life.

Divali Legore (she/they)

Georgia Institute of Technology

Roswell, GA

Public Policy
I hope to focus on public interest technology and health services. More specifically, I am interested in the intersection of mental and physical health, privacy, and technology.

McLaren Lindsey (he/him)

University of Michigan

Atlanta, GA

Linguistics, French Language and Culture
I plan to improve the education system for students learning English as a Second Language (ESL) by bringing further cultural inclusivity into our classrooms. I hope to tackle the systemic issues plaguing these programs.

Diego Lopez (he/him)

Yale University

Bellflower, CA

Political Science
I plan to focus on policy that promotes voting, worker, and housing rights for all Americans. I hope to ensure more Angelenos have a liveable foundation for which they can strive and overcome obstacles to their dreams.

Victoria Colón Lopez (she/her)

Agnes Scott College

Stockbridge, GA

Psychology and Public Health
I plan to focus on addressing health inequities in Puerto Rico.
As a Puerto Rican native, I was a first-hand witness to the long-term effects of Hurricane Maria on the infrastructure necessary to the wellness of Puerto Ricans. This includes disruption of services at care facilities, limited access to essential health items, and mental health issues.

Gloria Lwin (she/her)

Centre College

Owensboro, KY

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
I plan to focus on the underlying causes for health care disparities. As a physician intent on patient advocacy, I want to consider questions like how does rurality, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status impact cardiovascular health and what systemic issues create barriers in accessing care.

Ryan Manthy (he/him)

Illinois Institute of Technology

Arlington Heights, IL

Computer Science
I plan to focus on the intersections between technology and social services. I am especially interested in improving access to local government and health care for those who may find challenges connecting with these institutions.

Nicholas McCurrach (he/him)

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ann Arbor, MI

Political Science and Economics
Within public service, I plan to focus on international relations and diplomacy. I believe building global bridges is essential to both our national security and national prosperity.

Hannah Moore (she/her)

Ohio University

Port Clinton, OH

Translational Health and Applied Nutrition
I plan to focus on how nutrition education and access to plant-based food and human milk can combat obesity and type-2 diabetes in marginalized children–because food insecurity perpetuates health disparities.

Paulina Lizeth Morales (she/her)

Bowdoin College

Dallas, TX

Government and Legal Studies, Education
In my public service career, I plan to focus on humane immigration policy and equitable access to education. I plan to advocate, research, and create community-conscious immigration policy and law.

Nicholas Moseley (he/him)

Alabama State University

Pittsburg, CA

Social Work
As a social worker, I want to focus on mental health care for low-income families. Unequal access is one major contributor to this disparity, and I want to work in a community where I can provide access for all who need help regardless of their income.

Mery Muluberehan (she/her)

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY

Political Science
I plan on working directly with people and communities, not just in my hometown of Louisville, but in all communities impacted by environmental injustices. Everyone should have the same opportunity to live healthy lives and fight against exploitation.

Itbaan Nafi (he/him)

Stanford University

Euless, TX

Product Design and International Relations
I want to focus on resource inequities that high-achieving low-income students face when pursuing opportunities within the global tech sphere. I want to provide mentorship and access to resources to help them pursue their interests free from barriers.

Silvana Navia (she/her)

Barnard College

Corona, NY

Sociology, Minor in Educational Studies with an Education Policy Concentration
I will be focusing on the reunification of families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border due to the 2018 Zero-Tolerance policy. My goal is to help improve the family reunification process and strengthen the services provided to immigrant communities.

Yasmin Nayrouz (she/her)

Syracuse University

Pittsford, NY

English and Public Relations
I want to explore policies and communication strategies to help immigrant and refugee communities. I aim to reduce xenophobic rhetoric, address misperceptions, and encourage policies that keep families together, while ensuring national security.

Promise Ngirwe (she/her)

University of Chicago

Spencer, WI

Human Rights
As a former Kenyan refugee, I plan on examining how to improve the international humanitarian response system to ensure that refugees’ many needs can be met through humanitarian assistance.

Linh Nguyen (she/her)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

South Beloit, IL

Political Science and Psychology, Minor in Criminology, Law, and Society
I plan to focus on issues of domestic terrorism, national security, human trafficking, violent crimes, and violent crimes against children.

Gretchen North (she/her)

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Minneapolis, MN

Conservation Biology and Environmental Education
I’m interested in promoting equity in scientific literacy, especially with respect to issues like climate and public health which have day-to-day implications for everyone. I hope to inspire individuals to take scientific inquiry into their own hands—even in small ways—to improve quality of life and maintain or restore healthy land for generations to come.

Nnena Okuagu (she/her)

Arizona State University

Casa Grande, AZ

Political Science and Justice Studies
I am focused on disrupting the cycle between Black and Brown communities and prison systems.

Abnner Olivares (he/him)

Yale University

Los Angeles, CA

Global Affairs
I plan to continue my exploration of the economic, environmental, and societal impact of rapid global urbanization, incorporating travel and newfound global perspectives into my research.

Siji Opeaiye (he/him)

North Carolina A&T State

Upper Marlboro, MD

Health Services
I plan to focus on eliminating health disparities and making health equity a norm in lower income communities. I want to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible by giving back and helping to create more opportunities for everyone.

Nirav Patel (he/him)

University of Michigan

Livingston, NJ

Business Administration and Finance
I would like to explore the topics of sustainable business and financial inequality, particularly as it relates to accessing quality affordable housing and public transportation, and its impact on future life outcomes.

Dannerys Peralta (she/her)

University of Chicago

Bronx, NY

International Relations and Arabic with a Human Rights Concentration
I am passionate about and want to focus on immigration, specifically refugees and asylum seekers in the context of France and Germany.

Irena Petryk (she/her)

Northwestern University

Morton Grove, IL

Economics and International Studies
I plan to focus on promoting economic growth in developing economies, as well as incorporating a gender lens into foreign policy-making and programming.

Vignesh Pirapaharan (he/him)

Duke University

Durham, NC

Biology and Global Health
I plan to focus on expanding access to clean water and reducing mortalities caused by the lack of access to clean water.

Kat Quach (she/her)

Boston University

Tukwila, WA

Public Relations
LGBTQ+ individuals, especially youth, encounter job discrimination, homelessness, and a lack of access to health care at a disproportionate rate. I am focused on building networks of support for those youth who need it most.

Afiya Rahman (she/her)

Harvard College

Syracuse, NY

Social Studies and South Asian Studies
As a Bengali immigrant, I plan to focus on immigration, educational inequities, and how structural issues affect people of color. I want to create a better community and world for all people.

Jailene Ramos (she/her)

Harvard College

North Las Vegas, NV

Human Evolutionary Biology
I believe many of our world’s problems can be solved by providing accessible, quality, and equal education for all. I hope to continue the fight for education across the world in my career in public service.

Kegan Rascoe (he/him)

Willamette University

Astoria, OR

Music and Politics, Policy, Law, and Ethics
While I’m interested in a variety of topics, my current area of focus is health care. I am passionate about elevating the interests and concerns of rural communities.

Neily Raymond (she/her)

University of Maine

Hermon, ME

English and Philosophy, Minors in Journalism and Franco American Studies
I intend to investigate the effects of a changing climate on rural agronomy and social welfare. As a descendent of Franco-American farmers and loggers, I believe it is important to question if, and how, environmentalism can uphold respect for the land traditions of different cultures.

Aun Raza (he/him)

Columbia University

West Chicago, IL

Biochemistry with Philosophy Concentration
Adults with learning disabilities—especially those with limited financial resources—frequently remain undiagnosed and without assistance for what could be a life saving diagnosis due to flaws within our own system. That’s why I plan to focus on spreading awareness and knowledge about ADHD and Dyslexia symptoms in late-adolescence and adulthood to assist low-income individuals with learning disabilities.

Katie Riedy (she/her)

University of Rhode Island

Kingston, RI

Communication Studies
I plan to focus on LGBTQ+ issues and currently have an interest in the recent wave legislation targeting LGBTQ+ youth. I also plan on educating broad populations about LGBTQ+ issues.

Kaylee Ries (she/her)

Bowling Green State University

Norwalk, OH

I want to focus on improving mental health equity and access, as well as combating stigma surrounding mental health. I want to be the person I needed when I was younger for other people.

Kennedi Roberts (she/her)

Howard University

Minneapolis, MN

I plan to focus on youth incarceration and mental health care. I hope to one day become a clinical psychologist that supports underrepresented youth.

Lauren Robinson (she/her)

Howard University

Atlanta, GA

For my career in public service, I plan to focus primarily on the issue of criminal justice reform. I’ve conducted independent academic research in order to identify trends and devise solutions for the United States’ mass incarceration epidemic, and I want to continue this exploration.

Diyarhi Roy (she/her)

Brown University

Sunnyside, NY

International and Public Affairs
I would like to focus on reforming the justice systems we currently have in place and move them in a direction that is more equitable and serves the underprivileged.

Erik Rozi (he/him)

Stanford University

Santa Clarita, CA

Computer Science
I plan to focus on domestic and global technology standards with a special focus on fair, trustworthy, and equitable technology that is human-centered and not being used against global citizens.

Aliyah Saleem (she/her)

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Plainfield, NJ

Public and Nonprofit Administration
I plan to focus on expanding access to basic hygiene necessities and education in underserved and marginalized communities through amplifying awareness of the unspoken hygiene poverty crisis.

Edwin Santos (he/him)

American University

Stafford, VA

Legal Studies
I plan to focus on criminal justice reform, specifically on how low socioeconomic status can negatively impact a person in legal proceedings and other social factors that contribute to this issue.

Frances Suavillo (she/her)

Stanford University

Carson, CA

International Relations
My focus is public education, specifically ensuring that the bridge between public school and higher education has a strong foundation and can inspire students from similar communities as mine to pursue their academic goals.

Munahil Sultana (she/her)

Franklin & Marshall College

Valley Stream, NY

Government and International Studies with Minor in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
I plan to focus on foreign policy and promoting healthy and secure communities for women around the world. I hope to develop policy that leads to a safer world for women and rebuild healthy relationships with the United States in the Middle East Northern Africa (MENA) region.

Naomi Elizabeth Tanaka (she/her)

University of Southern California

Chula Vista, CA

I plan to focus on wealth disparities within the United States and how we can combat poverty by investing in education and creating spaces for women of color to thrive.

Makenna Turner (she/her)

Stanford University

Lafayette, CO

Computer Science
I am interested in exploring inclusion in technology-focused industries and gaining a better understanding of how technology can be used to create a more equitable world.

Porter Alexander Tynes, III (he/him)

Morehouse College

Memphis, TN

Business Administration (Management), Minor in Leadership Studies on A Pre-Law Track
I plan to focus on working in the judicial branch. Our judicial arena plays one of the most pivotal roles in our government, and by learning the ropes by interning with a judicial officer or judge, I will be well equipped.

Kesan Ucheya (he/him)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Delran, NJ

Business and Economics
I plan to focus on economic development, more specifically, tackling large income inequalities and poor quality of life that many minority communities face.

Anabel Varghese (she/they)

Vassar College

Grand Rapids, MI

Because of my own experiences as a first-generation and low-income college student, as a public servant I plan to focus on structural change increasing access to higher education for underrepresented undergraduate students.

Mariel Vander Schuur (she/they)

University of Michigan

West Olive, MI

Women’s and Gender Studies and Environmental Science
As a Filipina and a feminist, I am passionate about women’s issues and how sexism and the patriarchy uniquely impact women of color and women in the Global South. Some of these issues include lack of girls’ education and female leadership, child/forced marriage, and the sexual exploitation of women and girls.

Iona Volynets (they/them)

Syracuse University

Washington, DC

History, International Relations and Museum Studies
I am interested in focusing on the intersection between cultural heritage, art, accessibility, and public service. The way in which cultural heritage is protected, displayed, and described can have a massive impact on individuals and societies, and I would love to work within that sphere.

Willa White (she/her)

Austin College

San Antonio, TX

Political Science and History
My focus is public policy, specifically policies that influence health care, immigration, and civil rights. I believe these three topics are interrelated, and lead to inequalities in education, environment justice, and generational wealth.

Leah Whitmoyer (she/her)

University of Georgia

Tucker, GA

Biological Science
I’m interested in exploring water conservation efforts in agriculture in regions facing imminent drought. I’m specifically interested in exploring irrigation techniques and water infrastructure solutions that reduce water use.

Sydney Wilhelmy (he/him)

University of Pittsburgh

Lakewood, OH

Political Science, Economics, Arabic, EU Studies
I am interested in the growing interactions and migration patterns between Europe and the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. I would like to study and get involved in the communities directly impacted and often reshaped by such profound shifts in their cultural, demographic, and political composition.

Michael Wilkins (he/him)

University of Michigan

Castle Rock, CO

International Studies
I plan to focus on international affairs. Specifically, I want to work on establishing new policies for development aid that work to both alleviate suffering in the short term and allow communities to develop institutions that thrive in the long term.

Elizabeth Williams (she/her)

Northern Michigan University

Ishpeming, MI

Environmental Studies and Sustainability
I plan to focus on housing, transportation, zoning, and sustainability. The cross-section of these areas can transform cities into communities that are enjoyable and equitable.

Ambria Williams (she/her)

New York University

Memphis, TN

Public Policy
I plan to focus my public service on health law and policy and how it relates to improving access to treatment for diverse populations. In the future, I plan to become a health and intellectual property attorney.

Lexie Woolums (she/her)

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Mobile, AL

Public Health
I plan to focus on environmental sustainability, especially as it relates to policy. Sustainable policy is important for the long-term health of people and the planet, and I am optimistic that it can help improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

Luz Escobar Zapata (she/her)

Villanova University

Destrehan, LA

Peace, Justice, and Environmental Studies
I want to empower Latinx youth across the country to become politically engaged in their communities. I want to inspire youth to go out to other communities and challenge structures that are hurting our communities.

Liza Zaruba (she/her)

Creighton University

Columbus, NE

Health Administration and Policy
I hope to increase access to health care, as well as raise awareness about the compounding effects political and social structures can have on an individual’s and community’s health.