My Brother's Keeper Alliance Updates

My Brother’s Keeper Alliance Applauds Camden Initiative to Address Critical Issues Facing Boys and Young Men of Color

May 19, 2015 3:42 PM

CAMDEN — The City of Camden, New Jersey today announced that it has accepted the My Brother’s Keeper Community Challenge (“MBK Community Challenge”) as part of… More

What’s missing from America’s debate on race?

May 5, 2015 3:39 PM

Commentary by MBK Alliance board member Lori Dickerson Fouché and board chair Joe Echevarria. Over the past few months, conflicts between law enforcement and young men of… More

A Message from Joe Echevarria, MBK Alliance Board Chair

May 3, 2015 3:32 PM

I believe America is the greatest country on earth because of “The American Dream.” This belief that with hard work and the freedom to pursue your destiny, you can achieve success and provide better opportunities for you and your children. More