Summer in Chicago: A Lollapalooza Playlist

To celebrate Chicago as the future home of the Obama Presidential Center and current home to some of the world’s biggest and best-loved music festivals, we tapped the Chicago-based music and culture website Consequence of Sound (CoS) to compile a playlist highlighting tracks by artists participating in Lollapalooza. “We sought songs that played into the ethos of Chicago, empowerment, and civic engagement,” says Alex Young, CoS’s founder and publisher.

As hundreds of thousands of people gather in Chicago to experience the joy of live performance and to build community around creative expression, we’re excited to share this playlist from the editors of Consequence of Sound with you.

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Lollapalooza 2017 Playlist: Liner Notes from the Consequence of Sound Editors

Tegan & Sara – “Hang on to the Night”

Twin indie folk duo Tegan & Sara tend to focus on love and heartbreak. Still, as on “Hang on to the Night,” their songs can often feel like rallying cries for the human spirit, and a lot bigger than simple love songs.
Philip Cosores

The xx – “I Dare You”

Some of the best songs take a small subject and turn it into something universal and full of weight, and that’s what is happening here.
—Philip Cosores

The Killers – “The Man”

The perfect song for adding some swagger to your step as you walk down the street. There’s a lot of Bowie love going into this song, but in a way that doesn’t feel like simply an homage. The spirit of self-confidence is preserved.
—Philip Cosores

The Head and the Heart – “All We Ever Knew”

It doesn’t take more than a listen to this song’s jubilant spirit to know why it helped break the band through to the mainstream. The joy of this song is contagious.
—Philip Cosores

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – “Fire Escape”

There’s a certain energy to late nights when you are young that this song captures. It’s the feeling that anything is possible, and that the right combination of people can conquer anything.
—Philip Cosores

Sylvan Esso – “Signal”

In an era when technology has brought individuals closer together, it seems people as a whole are farther apart than ever. There’s so much noise coming from all around us that sometimes we forget those making all the din on the other side are still human beings. This electropop gem from Sylvan Esso’s What Now cuts through the clatter to remind us to remain connected to solid ground — and each other.
Ben Kaye

Chance the Rapper (feat. Kanye West & Chicago Children’s Choir) – “All We Got”

This joyous, empowering cut of Chance’s Coloring Book is a soundtrack for perseverance, a message that no single challenge is insurmountable if tackled with the right enthusiasm. Chance himself had to strive under that motto to even get to a point where his hero, Kanye West, would appear on a track with him. It just goes to show that even the biggest of dreams are obtainable with a little self-confidence.
Ben Buchnat

PUP – “Dark Days”

Toronto’s PUP don’t shy away from the reality of getting caught in a rut on “Dark Days”. Everyone finds themselves rudderless at some point, and this anthemic track is here to remind us that even on the worst of days life is worth celebrating. With its energetic rallying cry, the song assures us that we’ll all hit bottom — and then we’ll be nowhere to go but up.
Ben Buchnat

Cage The Elephant- “Rubber Ball”

One of Cage the Elephant’s softest tracks celebrates the gift of compassion. It costs nothing to show some caring to the people around you, and the positive impact of even the simplest act of kindness is incalculable. “Rubber Ball” is a poignant reminder to love those around you, whether strangers or the closest of friends.
Ben Buchnat

Kweku Collins – “Lonely Lullabies”

Collins might have grown up in the north suburban shadow of Chicago, but his music is ripe with the city’s historic passion. His ballad “Lonely Lullabies” visualizes this home as the place where love lives, and his nondescript wordplay allows for broader ruminations about just how powerful that idea can be.
Kevin McMahon

Lorde – “Team”

Lorde is no stranger to frank expression, and this track shows just how down to earth she is … and just how important it is to live honestly. Embracing our natural selves with determination, courage, and respect allows us to continue to evolve. By believing in yourself, you can make connections with others and create truly powerful teams.
—Lior Phillips

Noname (feat. Cam O’Bi, Raury) – “Diddy Bop”

The confessional tone of Fatimah Warner, better known by her stage-name Noname, slips in your ear like a conversation from your wisest friend. “Diddy Bop” distills the feeling of backyard barbecues and hot summer, offering poetic fragments of the light and dark times that course through the veins of a community.
—Kevin McMahon

Whitney – “Golden Days”

Longing for fleeting moments of a past beauty is a sentiment we can all relate to. On “Golden Days” Whitney accurately paints the feeling with a melody that goes beyond the lyrics, reminding us that beauty doesn’t disappear, sometimes it just changes.
—Kevin McMahon