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Town Hall Europe


March 13, 2019

In April 2019, President Obama joined hundreds of emerging European leaders in Berlin for a town hall conversation to discuss the future of Europe and the importance of leadership in creating lasting change across the region. These conversations laid the groundwork for our Leaders: Europe program.

Highlights from the town hall

Rooted in President Obama’s belief that in order to help young people we have to listen deeply to what their needs are, chief international officer Bernadette Meehan shares how the information gleaned from a round table conversation with dozens of European leaders will inform future Obama Foundation programming in the region.

Watch the full town hall with President Obama.

The sun hits Nima Tisdall’s face as she sits on a dock.

A Day in the Life: Nima Tisdall

Nima Tisdall teamed up with business partner Christine Hebert to co-found Blue Lobster, a tech startup that allows local fishermen to sell directly to consumers and businesses in Denmark. See how their app is making it easier and more affordable to buy sustainably caught seafood +

A Day in the Life: Philipp von der Wippel

Philipp von der Wippel realized early that powerful things could happen if young people were involved in finding solutions to pressing issues. See how he’s empowering leaders to transform their ideas into action +

Aminata Touré decided to run for office at the age of 23 after noticing that she had nothing in common with the politicians who were making decisions that would directly impact her. As the youngest female member of Parliament in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, she is committed to ensuring women, young people, and minorities have a seat at the table.

“There's a new generation of young people… driven by your idealism and your imagination, and you're working together to start new ventures, and to hold governments more accountable, and advance human dignity.”
- President Obama, 2016, Address to the People of Europe In Hannover, Germany

President Obama’s Travel to Europe

In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in the Spring of 2017, President Obama and Chancellor Merkel joined four young leaders for a conversation about civic engagement at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Read more about the event +

See more of President Obama’s travel across Europe:

President Obama Sits Down with 11 Emerging Leaders from Across Europe - 2018

Get a glimpse into the hour President Obama spent with eleven civil servants and organizers, hearing from them about the challenges young people are facing in Europe and how the Obama Foundation can help them scale their efforts.