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Sportsmanship & Citizenship: President Obama's 2017 NCAA Basketball Championship Brackets

The President meets with a group of mentees in the Roosevelt Room

We heard from many of you that your experiences playing sports have helped you develop confidence, an appreciation for hard work, and a positive outlook despite the ups and downs of life. We think Solomon A., from St. Louis, said it best:

"When I think about citizenship, I think about sportsmanship. The game, whether on the field of play or in real-life, is more productive and more enjoyable when everyone has the opportunity to play, grow and succeed. A good sport, along with a good citizen, knows the main objective has nothing to do with the day’s score, but the willingness of people to continue playing no matter the outcome of a single contest."

–Solomon A.

A man with a light skin tone wears glasses and a white shirt and sits in a wheelchair. Beside him is a man with a deep skin tone smiling as he sits in a wheelchair.

The picture is from an event called Olympic Day. We partnered with the Disabled Athlete Sports Association to have our own youth Olympics. The smile on my face comes after the young man behind me helped me get the handcycle I'm on out of a ditch. It was hot that day, but still some of the most fun I've ever had.

In the spirit of good sportsmanship and good citizenship, here are President Obama's picks for this year's big dance.

Women's Bracket

President Obama's Women's March Madness bracket for 2017.

Men's Bracket

President Obama's Men's March Madness bracket for 2017.