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Recap: Las Vegas 4th Annual MBK Conference

MBK Las Vegas Conference

MBK Las Vegas is a perfect example of how to adopt a systems change approach and advance the MBK mission in a local context.”

Broderick Johnson, Chair MBK Alliance Advisory Council

Nearly 1,000 local government officials, school administrators and teachers, police officers, and social service providers convened in Las Vegas to build on local efforts to raise implicit bias awareness and improve school climate. The MBK Las Vegas conference spotlighted the Clark County School Justice Partnership which positively impacts 321,000 students in Southern Nevada. The partnership allows law enforcement to use diversion strategies in lieu of citations for low-level youth offenses, and provides evidence-based support and services for vulnerable students. Broderick Johnson, MBK Alliance Advisory Council Chair, met with youth and business leaders during the conference to talk about sustaining the work and spurring local support.

Broderick Johnson
Three Black men and one White woman against a light-colored wall. All smile for the camera.