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May 2021 My Brother’s Keeper Alliance newsletter

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I Am My Brother's Keeper

The work to ensure boys and young men of color can go as far as their dreams and hard work will take them is filled with both triumph and tragedy.  As President and Mrs. Obama shared (Opens in a new tab) after a jury provided a measure of justice to George Floyd’s family, “if we’re honest with ourselves, we know that true justice is about much more than a single verdict in a single trial.” Today, we remain committed to working alongside you to build the safe and supportive communities that all of our children deserve.

In this issue of the MBK Alliance newsletter, get the latest on communities that took the Reimagining Policing Pledge, hear lessons from violence prevention experts in Puerto Rico, and catch up on our recent announcements and partnerships.

Reimaging Policing

Reimagining Policing: Progress to Date

Next steps for building on the momentum

Over 300 communities—representing 13+ million Black people and including all of the 10 most populous U.S. cities—took our pledge to reimagine policing and redefine public safety. Read our report to get informed, get inspired, and take action today.

President Barack Obama

To any individual who shares our commitment to justice, I hope you’ll keep marching, keep speaking out, and keep working to create the change we know is possible.”

President Obama “Reimagining Policing: Spotlighting Reforms and Progress” Town Hall

Watch his full remarks from our “Reimagining Policing: Spotlighting Reforms and Progress” Town Hall.

President Obama Speaks at the My Brother's Keeper Alliance Reimagining Policing: Spotlighting Reforms and Progress Town Hall

Following the release of the “Reimagining Policing: Progress to Date” report, President Obama offers an encouraging message about recommitting to building communities that are more safe, more equitable, and more just for everyone who lives in them.

A group of people wearing face masks stand a short distance from each other holding Texas state flags. All of them wear a t-shits with the words "Nuestra Escuelita." They are in a sandy parking lot with with a gray building behind them with a sign that reads "Nuestra Escuelita"

MBK Community Spotlight: Loíza Alliance for Peace

Interrupting violence, inspiring hope

Join members of the MBK Impact Community partner Loíza Alliance for Peace for a virtual visit to their beloved Isla Encantada. Watch them describe their groundbreaking collaboration that has reduced violent murders in the municipality by nearly 80 percent.

President Barack Obama meets with students prior to a My Brother's Keeper initiative town hall

President Barack Obama meets with students, including Quamiir Trice, prior to a My Brother's Keeper town hall hosted by ESPN at North Carolina A&T State University in October 2016.

Youth Spotlight: Seven Years of My Brother’s Keeper

Snapshots from our walk with boys and young men of color

Every day, remarkable young kings across the MBK network teach us something new. Revisit our look at seven lessons we’ve learned about our movement—through them—on this journey.

New MBK Communities Onboarding Calls

Step up, take action, and commit to expanding opportunities for our kids in greatest need. Learn more about MBK and the MBK Community Challenge. Learn More

Get Involved

The MBK Framework

If You Want to Stand for Something, Stand for Someone

A split image: A man with medium skin tone with a dark beard and mustache on one side. On the other is a photo of a city street with a mass of people walking and the words "Imagine a World" overlaying it.

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