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Meet the Jakarta Roundtable Participants

On July 1, President Obama met with young Indonesians to learn about how they are making a positive difference in their communities. This trip was a continuation of the Foundation’s efforts to highlight the good work people are doing in their own communities around the world, and to support the next generation of active citizens and young leaders. Get to know the roundtable participants below. 

Tia Setiyani

Tia is a gender equality advocate and works with youth as a facilitator and trainer in many issue areas, including preventing violence against women, sexual and gender identity minority rights, and sexual and reproductive health. Her passion is promoting justice for all.

A woman with light brown skin is smiling with her mouth closed. Her dark brown hair is ear length and the dark collar of her blouse is showing at the bottom of the photo.

Agnes Galuh

Agnes is a law student at Universitas Indonesia. She is an active member of the Asian Law Students’ Association, where she participates in many activities, including pro-bono clinics for civilians focusing on land registration and land rights. She is also an elected Vice-President of Leo Club Jakarta Kota, which organizes community service events, and initiated a project called Indonesia Bermimpi (Indonesia Dreams)—inspired by Humans of New York—that shares the dreams of Indonesians on a news portal website.

A woman with medium brown skin is smiling with her mouth closed, looking forward. Her dark brown hair is just below ear length and she is wearing red lipstick. Her white collared shirt and blue blazer with white stripes is shown at the bottom of the photo.

Bryan Gunawan

Bryan runs his own social venture that trains young Indonesians in communication skills, civic engagement, and freedom of expression. He has partnered with the U.S. Department of Justice to run team building exercises for lawyers. He was also appointed by the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports to organize the ASEAN Youth Expo in 2014 and 2015, and FEALAC Youth Conference in 2015.

A man with light skin and short black hair is smiling, showing his teeth. He is looking forward with a black jacket and gray collar showing at the bottom of the photo.

Sita Alchumaria (Dilla)

Dilla is currently working on a social platform to share and exchange cultural and social issues through online forums and social media. She works as a project officer for a social services agency with a focus on child protection and family case management.

A woman with light brown skin is smiling with her mouth closed, looking forward. She is wearing a light gray scarf, covering her hair and chest that falls over her white blazer. She is against a plain blue background.

Sutisna Mulyana

Sutisna is working to create a digital platform for students who want to learn about entrepreneurship, leadership, and tech skills. He wants to contribute to making Indonesia the digital hub of Asia by leading a series of workshops on coding and technology skills. 

A man with light brown skin and short black hair is smiling, showing his teeth. The man is looking forward and has a partially shaved mustache and beard. The photo shows his face and neck.

Dini Hapsari

Dini is the Co-Founder and Project Coordinator for Youth for Development (Youth4Dev) Indonesia which is supported by the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia. She previously served an Ambassador for United Nations My World and participated in The Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP) in 2016.

A woman with light skin is smiling, showing her teeth. She has chest length dark brown hair that covers her left ear. She is facing forward and wearing an earring in her right ear. The top of her yellow blazer and black blouse are shown at the bottom of the photo.

Risma Ayu

Ayu works at “CHANTIQA” Mataram Arts Institute as a dance teacher for both traditional and contemporary dances for students with disabilities especially and other able bodied students. The institute is the first bilingual art institute in the region. She also cooperated with the U.S. Consulate in Surabaya and the  U.S. embassy in Jakarta to teach students about Indonesian art and culture. She is passionate about finding ways to solve social problems.

A light skin toned Brown woman is facing the camera, smiling with her mouth closed. She is wearing a light blue scarf that covers her hair and neck. She is in front of a blue background.

Justitia Avila Veda

Justitia is a lawyer who works with minority populations and on immigration issues. She is especially interested in human rights and civil rights, including U.S. civil rights issues and the feminist movement. She is currently in the research phase of a mental health issues project that specifically addresses schizophrenia, and also serves as the coordinator of teachers in a community providing alternative education to children.

A light skin toned woman with shoulder length dark hair is smiling widely turned sideways to the left of the photo. She is wearing a dark red turtleneck sweater with a black jacket and black framed glasses. She is standing infront of a railing near a body of water.

Teguh Afandi

Teguh is a community organizer and activist based in Jakarta. He has works for Suara Kita, an LGBT organization in Indonesia, and is very active in networking amongst civil society groups working for social change.

A medium skin toned Brown man with short dark hair is smiling slightly with his mouth closed. He is wearing a red t shirt with backpack straps showing on either side. There is a bright pink light shining behind him.

The single most important thing I can do is to help prepare the next generation of leadership to take their own crack at changing the world.”

President Obama, 2017