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Pastor Tracey Lee and team providing supplies

No matter where you live, there are steps you can take to fight gun violence in your communities, from volunteering in underserved and marginalized communities to mentoring those most underserved to simply educating yourself on the facts and discussing solutions with those in your community.

America has a long way to go to end gun violence in our cities. But we have to recognize it as a collective problem that hurts us all, no matter which community we live in. We have to acknowledge that every life lost to gun violence matters—and that every one of us has a responsibility to stop it.

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Host a virtual community conversation

When we engage in meaningful conversations with our neighbors we are doing real, important work to build strong communities. We’ve identified two documentaries on violence prevention and interruption. Watch them with members of your community, then hold a virtual community conversation about what you’ve seen and ways you can make a difference. Photo Courtesy of Kartemquin Films

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Inside the Life of A Violence Interrupter

Volunteer in an underserved community

Urban gun violence is often concentrated in a few, specific neighborhoods, typically predominantly Black and Brown communities that have faced a long history of racial segregation, systemic discrimination, and disinvestment. We encourage you to volunteer for organizations in these communities and work to overcome the socioeconomic factors that contribute to gun violence.

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Become a mentor

If you want to stand for something, stand for someone. Research shows that one-in-three at-risk young people do not have mentors, but that those that do are 55 percent more likely to take on leadership roles and extracurriculars in school and enroll in college. Become a mentor today.

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