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Hope Amidst Violence

October 1, 2020
Will Calloway

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Will Calloway became all too familiar with the disinvestment and systemic discrimination that create the conditions for gun violence to surface. 

But as Will saw more and more lives cut short, he was inspired to take action, joining a long legacy of resilience and activism in the South Shore neighborhood. The young activist founded the faith-based nonprofit Christianaire to create the change he wanted to see in his community. Since then, he’s become a violence interrupter, dedicating his life to mediating violence and creating a more just Chicago.

Watch as he shares how this experience sparked his passion to become a violence interrupter in his community, and read more from Will in a Q+A about challenging the misconceptions of life on the South Side.

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Pastor Tracey Lee sits at her desk doing research.
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