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Take action to help those affected by catastrophic flooding in Pakistan


September 20, 2022

In the past month, one-third of Pakistan has flooded, with an estimated more than 3.6 million acres of damaged crops and millions of people displaced. As food shortages take hold and more than 660,000 people have taken shelter at relief camps, community members have stepped up to channel their grief and anguish into action—supporting each other through mutual aid networks, impromptu donation drop offs, and more.

A picture of one group of people providing help to another group of people

Volunteers of Charity Al-Khidmat Foundation use a boat to distribute relief material to flood-affected people at a village on the outskirts of flood-hit area of Sukkur in Sindh province on August 31, 2022. (Asif Hassan/AFP via Getty Images)

Pakistan experiences a monsoon season every year, but more than six weeks of torrential rains and flash flooding has had catastrophic effects across the country, especially in Balochistan, South Punjab, and Hyderabad.

Here at the Obama Foundation, we believe that ordinary people can make a difference by working together. We’re inspired by the acts of service we’ve seen so far and are thinking of all those impacted, especially our program participants from the region.

The resources included below are currently accepting donations to provide medical and hygiene kits, food, shelter, and more to families in need. If you’re able, we hope you’ll consider pitching in to help the people and communities whose lives have been upended by this natural disaster.

The Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan The Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Opens in a new tab  is one of the leading nonprofits in Pakistan, and it has provided humanitarian services since 1990. Their services include disaster management, health services, education, orphan care, clean water, Mawakhat (interest-free loans), and other community services.  Donate now Opens in a new tab .

Humanity & Inclusion Humanity & Inclusion has worked in Pakistan since the 1980s and is currently providing physical items like food, hygiene supplies, blankets, and kitchen items, as well as psychological support to people who have lost everything. They place a special focus on supporting people with disabilities, elders, and their families.  Donate now Opens in a new tab .

The Edhi Foundation The Edhi Foundation is one of Pakistan’s largest foundations, providing social welfare services to all people, regardless of their color, class, or creed. They are currently  accepting donations Opens in a new tab  for flood relief.

The Citizens Foundation, Pakistan The Citizens Foundation’s schools in Balochistan and Sindh have been severely damaged. You can  donate Opens in a new tab  to help the foundation meet its goals to provide five million meals to affected families, help reconstruct homes for 9,000 families, and repair their schools damaged by floods. The  United-States-based Citizens Foundation Opens in a new tab  supports specific programs, initiatives, and projects of The Citizens Foundation (TCF) in Pakistan.

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