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Community Leadership Training Day

A young man smiles at a peer holding up a sticker that reads 44 at an Obama Foundation Training Day in 2017.

The Obama Foundation is seeking eager young people — ages 18 to 25 — in Oakland, CA; Dallas, TX; and Oklahoma City, OK, to apply for a one and a half day Community Leadership Training Day.

The Community Leadership Training Day is a one and a half day, introductory training that is designed for young people who want to get involved in their community, but, don’t know where to start. The Obama Foundation’s mission is to equip everyday citizens, young leaders, and civic innovators with the skills and tools they need to create change in their communities. We built off of last year’s  Training Day pilot to launch a program with workshops designed to build community involvement, enhance leadership skills and foster connections with local organizations that are making an impact in their community.

We are seeking eager young people who believe in their power to make change. We encourage young people who want to learn about the tools needed to make change in their community to apply.  

Participants are young people who are:

Aligned with the Obama Foundation values of humility, fearlessness, inclusivity, and imagination.
Deeply committed to their communities and understand firsthand both the challenges and opportunities that their community is facing.
Between the ages of 18 - 25 at the time of the training.
Interested in doing something in their community, but don’t know where to start.
Connected to the location of the training and anticipate living there for at least the next year. We take a broad definition of community. For example, you are NOT required to live in the city of Oakland to participate in this training.
Available in person, for a Saturday training and a Friday evening dinner on the following dates:

Oakland, CA: The evening of Friday Sept 21st and Saturday, Sept 22nd

Dallas, TX: The evening of Friday, Sept 28th and Saturday, Sept 29th

Oklahoma City, OK: The evening of Friday, Oct 5th and Saturday, Oct 6th