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Celebrating the Power of Fathers


June 16, 2019
Photo of Charles Daniels

To celebrate Father's Day, we sent the message below to our email list highlighting the work of one of our 2019 Fellows, Charles Daniels. If you'd like to receive updates like these and other news, you can sign up for our email list here.

Father’s Day comes around once a year—unless you’re Obama Fellow Charles Daniels. For Charles, every day is an opportunity to celebrate the power of fatherhood.

Through the work of his organization, Fathers’ UpLift, Charles provides dads with mental health support and mentoring so they can be the best parents they can be for their children. Working with fathers who are overcoming challenges like homelessness, depression, incarceration, or joblessness, Fathers’ UpLift believes everyone has the potential to be a good parent.

Watch how Charles is making the world better for fathers—and their children.

Charles Daniels, is a Black man with a deep skin tone with a buzz cut. He has glasses, a moustache and goatee with grey streaks, and a olive colored button up shirt. He is the CEO of Fathers' UpLift.

Charles' path began with his own childhood. Growing up, his father wasn't in the picture. But despite the challenges that presented, the experience inspired him to address the problems that can keep men from being in their children's lives.

His dedication to shaping a brighter future for his community has impacted thousands of lives already—Fathers' UpLift helped over 2,800 fathers reconnect with their families in 2018 alone.

To Charles Daniels (a dad himself), the 2,800 men his organization has empowered, and everyone else celebrating the magic of fatherhood, we wish you a very happy Father’s Day.

Learn more about Charles and his remarkable work here. 

To the power of fathers,

The Obama Foundation