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Obama-themed valentines to share with your love

Celebrate your Valentine today with one of our downloadable cards! Right click on an image and download, then text it or email it to your special someone to brighten their day.

On the right, President Obama is embracing Michelle Obama, both are wearing formal wear and smiling. On the left, the words “you’re the Michelle to my Barack” are on a red background with the Obama Foundation logo.
President and Mrs. Obama are standing close to one another–President Obama is leaning in and Mrs. Obama is smiling with her hands clasped in front of each other– in a carpeted room with large pieces of artwork on the walls and a flag with the United States seal. Text overlay reads “You’re the Barack to my Michelle” and a pink border surrounds the whole image.
On the right, in a red frame surrounded by a yellow background, a throwback picture shows a young President and Mrs. Obama smiling at the camera with President Obama’s arm around Mrs. Obama’s shoulder. On the right, the words “You give me hope, Valentine” with the Obama Foundation logo underneath.”