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A handwritten note from a six-year-old to her dad that reads:

"My husband is an infectious disease doctor, working tirelessly around the clock. My 6-year-old had an assignment for school to write a letter thanking a healthcare worker. She wanted to thank her dad and wrote the most heartfelt letter."—Katie M., Narberth, PA

A person's hands are shown as they wash them at a hand washing station that Kennedy Odede set up.

To flatten the curve, Obama Foundation Africa Leader Kennedy Odede and his organization, SHOFCO, installed over 30 hand washing stations throughout Kenya, in addition to distributing supplies and educational pamphlets.

Obama Scholar Shifts Entire Organization to Focus on Virtual Community Organizing

Obama Scholar Shifts Entire Organization to Focus on Virtual Community Organizing

Current Obama Scholar Christian Vanizette runs in France. Since the pandemic began, he has shifted the entire focus of his organization to virtual community organization and the development of a new platform to share best practices around the COVID-19 response, particularly for healthcare professionals. Explore his work +

A paper bag with a thank you note on it awaits the workers who clear Robin's garbage.

"It’s a small thing, but we left a care package of water, breakfast bars, and apples for the team that picks up our rubbish." —Robin P., Maui County, HI

A laptop featuring Deborah's family is set up in front of their Shabbat meal.

"It is so touching for me to have my sheltered-in-place family making Shabbat together each week online. We speak about how to move through difficult times by aligning with love and community. Even the little kids are thinking how they can help." —Deborah A., Soquel, CA

Yesterday, my partner and I waited on line at the grocery store to buy flowers, chocolates, and bourbon for my daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren (the bourbon is for the parents!). We surprised them with the gifts, and talked for a while through a window on their porch. It wasn't what we are used to but it was good.

Bill P., Oakland, CA

A little boy plays a saxophone while his grandparents listen and smile from their door.

"My 10 year old grandson performing a saxophone concert for his Great Grandparents through the looking glass. It brought so much joy to them as they haven’t been out or had visitors for weeks."—Debbie F., Oconomowoc, WI

Dora Anderson poses for a selfie with her mom.

"I am a 61-year old RN caring for my 96-year old mother while I telework full-time from home. This week alone, I've had two different neighbors I didn't know come by and ask if we needed any help or if they could pick up anything at the store for us. I could have cried at their kindness as no one had ever done that before in the 30 years I've lived here." —Dora A., Hermosa Beach, CA

Texan and elementary school teacher Brandy Hurtado is brightening her elementary students' day by driving by their houses to say hi and stay connected.

Local Chicago Organization Responds With Love in Time of Doubt

Local Chicago Organization Responds With Love in Time of Doubt

I Grow Chicago is doing what they do best at a time when it is most needed: Showing up for their neighbors, one meal, one call, one care package at a time. In just a few weeks, the organization has provided 150 hot meals to neighbors, picked up and delivered 50 children’s meals from Chicago Public Schools for their after school families that can’t drive, and delivered 250 educational flyers with information about the virus to households with limited Internet access. Learn more about their work +

A chalk painting of a horse on a sidewalk.

"Like so many middle schoolers, 13-year-old Miah is spending hours every day online in school. On her breaks, she will draw, chat with friends and ride her bike. We have an elderly neighbor who walks daily around the block using his walker. To make his trip pleasant, she has been drawing chalk art on the sidewalk. Little bits of visual happiness for his daily walk." —Julien S., Salt Lake City, Utah

No Purell? Distilleries Are Making Hand Sanitizer With High Proof Alcohol

Distilleries are using their high proof alcohol to make hand sanitizer as Purell and other sanitizers become harder to find during the coronavirus pandemic. Read the full USA Today article +

A woman sews a mask for healthcare providers in her community.

"I am so proud of my wife, Jeannette Pomeroy, for sewing masks for a local assisted living facility. She sent them enough so that each staff member has two."—Bill U., Fishers, IN

I am a Social Worker. I am so proud of my fellow colleagues who are providing mental health services to all their clients even without the expectation of being paid. We refer to ourselves as the silent first responders. We are here.

Mary L., Chicago, IL

This is the Downtown Boxing Gym, normally packed with students, instead filled with boxes that contain meals, supplies and academic packets to be delivered to students and their families.

"The Downtown Boxing Gym is working around the clock to get emergency food, supplies, and academic materials to 150 Detroit students (ages 8-18) and their families. Many of these families were struggling with food insecurity before the COVID-19 crisis. Now, DBG has switched gears from helping students to helping entire families." —Robin S., Detroit, Michigan

10 Virtual Tours Of National Parks For When You're In The Great Indoors

There will likely be opportunities down the road for you to go to the national parks and see the red rock, desert landscapes, and sweet cactuses for yourself. In the meantime, you can log onto your laptop and go on virtual tours of national parks. Read the full Elite Daily article +

It's not a big thing, but in our town in Germany, the church bells of the main great church are now ringing everyday at 12 o'clock since all church services and other activities are cancelled. It's a very nice gesture for everyone—like me—missing the various gatherings with friends. It reminds us that we're all still united, even if not physically.

Nitya P., Germany

Obama Fellow Alex Smith Wants You to Call Your Neighbor

Obama Fellow Alex Smith Wants You to Call Your Neighbor

2018 Obama Fellow Alex Smith and his organization, The Cares Family, fight loneliness and polarization in the UK by connecting seniors and young professionals to build new and lasting relationships. Alex penned an op-ed chock-full of creative ways to combat loneliness and help your older neighbors during this trying time. Check it out +

A group of four people wave to the camera as they walk in downtown Newark.

"Shout out to the small but mighty team at Franciscan Charities, who serve more than 100,000 hot meals and distribute plenty of food, hygiene products, diapers and wipes, toys, clothes, books and more each year in this needy pocket of downtown Newark, NJ." —Sharon M., Newark, NJ

Obama Fellow Builds Culture Through Screens

Obama Fellow Builds Culture Through Screens

2018 Obama Fellow Erin Barnes is doing her part, too. At ioby, she and her team are implementing new ways to adjust to this new work reality, including a wide array of BBQ-related emojis and “bursty communications” on the messaging platform Slack. See all of her fun tips here +

The Show of Delights

Need a break and a guaranteed smile? Listen to “The Show of Delights,” the latest, and sweetest episode from the podcast This American Life. Listen now +

Asia-Pacific Leader Provides Supplies to People Across Singapore

Asia-Pacific Leader Provides Supplies to People Across Singapore

Based in Singapore, Vivian Lim organized a response for migrants in her community and coordinated volunteers to distribute masks, hand sanitizers, bar soaps, and personal hygiene awareness messages. Explore the Leaders: Asia-Pacific program +

Brave Space Alliance Opens Crisis Pantry for South Side LGBTQIA+ Residents

HYDE PARK — With parts of the city shutting down in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Brave Space Alliance is assembling resources to help queer and trans residents on the South Side, taking its programming online and creating a crisis pantry to get food to those in need. Read the article + 

An array of some of the 7,000 colorful thank you cards Sherry Soon distributed.

Obama Foundation Asia-Pacific Leader Sherry Soon distributed 7,000 thank you notes and care packages for medical staff currently on the frontlines of the outbreak.

Grubhub Drops Commissions on Delivery Orders from Independent Restaurants

Grubhub announced it will temporarily forgo $100 million in commissions on the meals it delivers from independent restaurants as a way of helping those businesses contend with the coronavirus epidemic. Read the full article +

A DC Steak-Frites Restaurant Is Bringing Free Meals to Elderly Who Are Quarantined

Between the empty grocery store shelves, scary headlines, and mass closures, it’s hard not to feel like the world is ending. Which is why Medium Rare owner Mark Bucher wanted to do something to make people’s lives a little easier. Read the full article +

Woodland Park Boy Donates 1,000 Sanitizer Sprays to Town Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Jayden Perez, 11, and his family will donate over 1,000 hand sanitizer sprays to the borough school district, fire department, police department and library as concerns around the spread of COVID-19 grow. Read the full article +

Italians Find ‘A Moment of Joy in This Moment of Anxiety’

ROME — It started with the national anthem. Then came the piano chords, trumpet blasts, violin serenades and even the clanging of pots and pans — all of it spilling from people’s homes, out of windows and from balconies, and rippling across rooftops. Read the full New York Times article +

Chicago Organization My Block My Hood My City Provides Seniors with Coronavirus Prevention Supplies

Chicago Organization My Block My Hood My City Provides Seniors with Coronavirus Prevention Supplies

CHICAGO — As stores struggle to keep enough hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes on their shelves, a South Side advocacy group is working to get these items in the hands of Chicago seniors and people with disabilities to help them as coronavirus spreads. Read the full article +

Take a closer look at the organization providing Coronavirus prevention supplies to seniors in Chicago.

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