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Omotunde Odedeyi

2022-2023 University of Chicago Scholars


Co-Founder, JetAfrica





Omotunde Odedeyi is the co-founder of JetAfrica, a platform that tackles unemployment and poverty of disadvantaged communities in Nigeria through skills development and mentorship for youth. She is passionate about improving access to tools and learning opportunities for recent graduates and young people seeking unique career, educational, or entrepreneurial opportunities. Omotunde aims to fill these gaps by providing youth with practical knowledge to demystify the job search and application process, to navigate the interview process and learn corporate etiquette, and to provide a toolkit for entrepreneurial engagement. JetAfrica has a growing network of volunteers working across disciplines who are matched with young graduates based on their area of interest, with the goal of expanding professional networks and securing full time employment for their participants.

Omotunde is pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.