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Tom Voutsos smiles to camera

Tom Voutsos

2021-2022 University of Chicago Scholars


Co-Founder and CEO, LadderUp Housing





Tom Voutsos is the co-founder and CEO of LadderUp Housing, an organization committed to bridging the wealth gap by providing an alternative pathway to homeownership for working class people living in low-income communities. LadderUp purchases and renovates homes, allowing the future homeowners to rent the property while building their credit score with guidance from a non-profit financial coaching partner. Once they are able to receive traditional mortgage financing, LadderUp sells the home to the participant. By targeting mid-sized Midwest cities, LadderUp can maintain affordability for the customer while creating a sustainable business model. Tom led LadderUp to a second-place finish in the University of Chicago’s Social New Venture Challenge, completed a pre-seed round of fundraising, and is implementing LadderUp’s model in Toledo, Ohio.

Tom is pursuing his master’s degree at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Prior to his academic career at the University of Chicago, Tom served as a Marine Corps officer and President of TRU Colors, a start-up brewery that hires active gang members to reduce violence.