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Photo of Sowmya Karun

Sowmya Karun

UChicago Obama Scholars 2019-2020





Sowmya Karun works at the intersection of development and data and technology innovation. Most recently, Sowmya worked with SocialCops, a start-up, where she advised a spectrum of public and development stakeholders ranging from political representatives to government officials, to philanthropic leaders and field officers from around the world on implementing data and tech solutions in their fields. Her work involves understanding their programs to advise on how analytics and technology can solve on-the-ground issues and amplify their impact, by conceptualizing bespoke data-driven technological solutions. Prior to SocialCops, Sowmya was a legal and policy researcher on information and data policies and worked with the Election Commission of India to convene a diverse set of government, political, and civil society stakeholders to recommend reforms on political finance.