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Photo of Regina Nkonge

Regina Nkonge

UChicago Obama Scholars 2019-2020


Manager, Digital Learning Research & Innovation Team, @iLabAfrica - Strathmore University





Regina Nkonge’s career has focused on technology, innovation, education, and community development. Currently, she is the head of the Digital Learning Research and Innovation Team at @iLabAfrica where her projects included training over 3,000 youths in Kenya on employability skills, starting the CS4Teachers program that has fostered professional development for 100 secondary school teachers in the area of computer science, and developing a project on Refugee Empowerment: Enhancing Affordable Access to Education in Refugee Camps, which sought to widen access of technology to tertiary education for refugees at Kakuma refugee camp. Regina has also provided leadership in the development of animated digital training modules on trade for governments and business organizations across East Africa. She’s also worked in the technology innovation space as it relates to public health, leading activities around capacity building to improve TB detection rates by reducing diagnostic errors made by laboratory technicians, with the intention of improving diagnostic capabilities of 56 laboratories in Kampala.