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Photo of Jacob Bul Bior Bul

Jacob Bul Bior Bul

UChicago Obama Scholars 2019-2020


Co-Founder and Media Coordinator, Anataban





Jacob Bul Bior Bul is a Co-founder and Media Coordinator for Anataban Arts Initiative, Anataban is an Arabic word for “I am tired” a youth-driven campaign that uses art as a platform for young leaders in South Sudan to speak out on national issues. He aims to create a stage for youth to raise their voices and be proactive in addressing the ongoing conflict in his county. Previously, Jacob worked with Free Voice South Sudan as an actor and outreach coordinator for a peace-building radio drama series called Sawa Shabab, ( ‘Youth Together’) He simultaneously managed the social media and web content for a human rights radio program called Echoes of Our Rights.