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Photo of Haneen Khalid

Haneen Khalid

UChicago Obama Scholars 2019-2020


Research Associate, National Assembly of Pakistan





Haneen is a Research Associate at the Parliament of Pakistan. She works with over eighty women Parliamentarians on issues of social justice, peace and security, and climate change, providing briefings to help inform new policy and legislation. Previously, she was the South Asia representative for Global Zero, the international movement to eliminate nuclear weapons. She worked with more than 4,000 young people across India and Pakistan to mobilize grassroots activism against nuclear weapons and developed a first-of-its-kind campaign strategy for South Asia on the nuclear weapons issue, and a volunteer recruitment, leadership and training program that supported hundreds of volunteers to bring the movement to their local communities. This work built the first and only region-wide grassroots voice against nuclear weapons in Pakistan, advocating for peace and a nuclear-weapons-free world.