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Photo of Danyang Luo

Danyang Luo

UChicago Obama Scholars 2019-2020


Operation Director, Zhitong Guangzhou LGBT Center





Danyang Luo is Operation Director of Zhitong Guangzhou LGBT Center, which has 6 full-time staff members in Guangzhou and two full-time staff members in Xi’an and nearly 10 years of history of working with the local LGBT community. Danyang joined Zhitong Guangzhou LGBT Center eight years ago, where he has served as the sexual health outreach group leader and HIV-positive people support group leader. He now leads the team to manage Zhitong’s seven Gay-friendly clinics in Guangzhou. In addition to Danyang's experiences in public health, he has also worked with a local government education department, participating in sexuality education programs. Zhitong was one of the first LGBT organizations to be funded by UN Women to do sexuality public education programming in China.