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Photo of Nelly Wakim Awad

Nelly Wakim Awad

UChicago Obama Scholars 2018-2019


Humanitarian – Researcher – Writer





Nelly most recently worked as a Research & Analysis Officer on a USAID-funded project in Southern Syria, identifying community needs through research on infrastructure rehabilitation, women's economic empowerment and livelihood & governance building. Nelly previously worked with the International Labor Organization on their Fundamental Principles & Rights Project in Jordan, which focused on the development of strong relations and dialogue between local and national stakeholders within the Hashemite Kingdom through policy advice on social dialogue, collective bargaining and the prevention and resolution of labor disputes as well as labor law reform, workplace cooperation and collective bargaining. Her experiences also include working as part of a team in launching a long distance learning course in Human Rights with the University of Nottingham and as a Cultural Orientation Trainer in Lebanon, where she was responsible for research and design of training materials and for facilitation of cultural orientation training program for U.S. bound refugees. Nelly wrote her Master’s Degree Dissertation on the lived experiences of children in Syria prior to the conflict and their present experiences as refugees in Lebanon. In her free time, Nelly freelances as a researcher and a writer in the publishing of topical issues in the region; her latest publication was on the persistent issue of non-revenue water.