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Jesús Armas

A black-and-white headshot of an unsmiling man with dark hair wearing a white button-down shirt. Behind him are three graphic circles: one yellow, one blue and one white.

President, Ciudadanía Sin Límites


Jesús Armas is the president of Ciudadanía Sin Límites, an organization that promotes freedom and democracy in Venezuela. Jesús leads the core programming of Ciudadanía Sin Límites, including an online crowdsourcing platform that maps and records power and water supply failures in Caracas. Tracking the number of hours per week that citizens have gone without water, payments provided to water providers, and the quality of water that is delivered, Ciudadanía Sin Límites puts pressure on failing service providers through protests and media advocacy to ensure that the right to clean water for citizens is upheld. Since 2018, Jesús has created a network of 400 citizens to fight for water and sanitation access and his interventions have helped thousands of citizens gain access to drinking water and energy. This approach has created a neighborhood network where community members share information and propose solutions and goals for their communities. Ciudadanía Sin Límites also provides direct support to 1,200 children and families living in five low-income communities, facilitating opportunities for community members to secure positions in food preparation, receive advice and guidance from nutritionists, and participate in training opportunities focused on democratic values.

Jesús received a Chevening Fellowship to complete his master’s degree in public policy at the University of Bristol and he holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas.