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Photo of Inés Palacios

Inés Palacios

Columbia University Scholars 2020-2021


Former Chief of Staff of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Institute of the Buenos Aires Province Government





Inés Palacios served as Chief of Staff of the Gender Institute of Buenos Aires Province Government, Argentina between 2017 and 2019, where she worked in the planning and implementation of Buenos Aires’ first Gender Mainstreaming Plan, which included 16 policy initiatives and impacted two million women. Recognizing that previous policies were limited to addressing only gender violence, the Gender Mainstreaming Plan focused on addressing other gender inequalities in reproductive rights, economic policies, and political participation. Ines also led the implementation of a leadership training program for women in government funded by the InterAmerican Development Bank. Previously, she served as Senior Advisor to the Under-Secretary for Planning & Policy Coordination for the Province of Buenos Aires Government. Inés has also served as a Coordinator of Feminist Strategy at the 2019 Governor’s Electoral Campaign. She is also a member of “La Generación,” a youth political group from where she advocates for the protection of the Indigenous population in Argentina.