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Photo of Natalia Herbst

Natalia Herbst

Columbia University Scholars 2019-2020


Director for Community Organizations, National Youth Institute, Ministry of Health and Social Development





Natalia Herbst served as Director for Community Organizations at the National Youth Institute of Argentina where she worked on youth-centered public policy-making focusing on social inclusion, health and rights, culture and employability. One program she led, #AcáEstamos, has reached more than 350,000 youth through partnerships with 1,800 grassroots organizations, strengthening supportive communities in the country’s most vulnerable areas. Over 1.5 million youth use Hablemos de Todo, a digital platform designed to engage in conversations around and provide information on topics including sexual and reproductive health and rights, substance abuse, and suicide prevention. Her work has focused on shifting paradigms around government engagement with youth through innovations in language, topics, and perspectives.