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Photo of Vanessa Paranjothy

Vanessa Paranjothy

Columbia University Scholars 2018-2019


Co-founder, Freedom Cups





Vanessa Paranjothy is one of three sisters that helped found Freedom Cups, a feminine hygiene company operating a “buy one, give one” model that provides women in underprivileged communities with menstrual cups. Each cup lasts up to 15 years and replaces about 5,000 disposable sanitary products, making it a more economical and eco-friendly option. Vanessa has conducted over 16 projects in 7 countries reaching more than 3,000 underprivileged women by providing them with access to their products. The Freedom Cups team has facilitated educational workshops on women’s bodies and waste produced by traditional feminine care products, to more than 5,000 women in South East Asia.