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My Brother's Keeper Alliance

None of this is going to be easy. This is not a one-year proposition. It’s not a two-year proposition. It’s going to take time. We’re dealing with complicated issues that run deep in our history, run deep in our society, and are entrenched in our minds…’’”

Barack Obama

At My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, we believe that communities are the unit of change to realize improved life outcomes for boys and young men of color. That’s why we’re leading a cross-sector national call to action focused on building safe and supportive communities for boys and young men of color where they feel valued and have clear pathways to opportunity. We continue to believe that this collaborative action is central to how communities will achieve improved outcomes for boys and young men of color.

While our investments in MBKCCC sites were a catalyst for positive shifts in key community level outcomes, we know that advancing opportunities and systems for boys and young men of color to thrive is long-term work, and we are committed to creating a brighter, more promising future for our boys and young men of color. We also know that this will require sustained and intentional focus, effort, and supports for our MBK Communities. To keep this work going, MBK Alliance will focus its efforts on a national strategy to support MBK Communities through the MBK Network. This network provides education, support, resources, and opportunities for leaders working to convene diverse stakeholders, identify effective strategies, and affect systems change in their local communities.

The MBK Network Includes:
  • Best practice learning for community leaders aligned with six cradle-to-career milestones.

  • The MBK Equity Framework, our blueprint for transformation, success and long-term sustainability.

  • MBK Certification (an ongoing process of certification: entry, emerging, systems change, sustaining) that provides certified communities access to funding opportunities, exclusive MBK Alliance and community events, learning resources and courses, and ongoing support from MBK Community Coaches.

  • The MBK online learning, connection and certification platform for MBK Community leaders to get certified, acquire knowledge and practical skills, promote innovation, share best practices, and cultivate authentic connections to advance their local MBK missions.

  • Online and in-person convenings designed to gather and celebrate our MBK Communities as well as connect them with diverse stakeholders and partners who can help them advance long-term, systemic work.

Chicago Youth

What can you do:

Existing MBK Communities: Engage with the MBK Alliance by getting certified through the MBK online learning, connection and certification platform.  Sign up today.

Interested MBK Communities:  Learn about the steps any community can take to become a certified MBK Community and register today.

Partners/Funders:  Connect with our partnership team to discuss how we can work together to provide opportunities to boys and young men of color.

Community Members: From becoming a mentor to supporting your local MBK community, there are many ways you can make a difference with the MBK Alliance below.  Join us!

A young man with a deep skin tone wearing a gray hoodie and black jacket smiles toward the camera. There are other men and young men around him with deep skin tones. We see the sky slightly above their heads.

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