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My Brother's Keeper Alliance

President Obama's Message to MBK Community Leaders on Mental Health

There is a growing mental health crisis impacting our boys and young men of color. In a two-part virtual town hall series, we teamed up with the OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, Discovery+, and mental health practitioners and organizations to discuss the issue and learn new ways to support our communities. Explore highlights below.

During our first town hall, attendees watched clips from OWN’s four-part docuseries, “Profiled: The Black Man.” They also had an opportunity to share their own mental health journeys with fellow event participants and MBK Community Leaders who provided best practices, resources, and lessons learned from their work in this space.

For our second conversation, author, motivational speaker, educator, and pastor Eric “ET” Thomas joined our community to share a reflection on the importance of safeguarding our mental wellbeing.

Dr. Eric Thomas discusses the importance of mentorship

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Part I 

Part II 

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Mayors and other City Council officials are uniquely positioned to introduce common-sense limits on police use of force.

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