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My Brother's Keeper Alliance

We’re thrilled to announce 22 video contest winners—10 young men of color and 12 adults doing work on their behalf—who will join us at MBK Rising! The event, happening February 18-20 in Oakland, California, will celebrate the progress our community has made, highlighting what is working to improve the lives of boys and young men of color, while lifting up the young voices in the room. Watch their inspiring stories below.

Elijah Christopher DeVaughn, Jr., Compton, CA; Youth Winner

Lendrell Martin, New York, NY; Adult Winner

David Sell, Buffalo, NY; Youth Winner

Rosalyn Akins, Lexington, KY

Noah Moreno, Monticello, NY; Youth Winner

Kerega Bailey, Oakland, CA; Adult Winner

Rory Wheeler, Seneca, NY; Youth Winner

Bryant Valencia, Tuscon, AZ; Adult Winner

Elliott Kelly, Jr., Louisville, KY; Youth Winner

Ivan Gaskin, Atlanta, GA; Adult Winner

Reginald Fils, Waltham, MA; Youth Winner

Henry Ortiz, Oakland, CA; Adult Winner

Josue Orozco, Houston, TX; Youth Winner

Darius Ballinger, Chicago, IL; Adult Winner

Ramon Vasquez, South TX; Adult Winner

Jared Green, New Orleans, LA; Youth Winner

Harold Pearson, Oakland, CA; Adult Winner

Jordan Thompson, Nashua, NH; Youth Winner

Nina Wells, Cincinnati, OH; Adult Winner

Charles Coleman Jr., New York, NY; Adult Winner

Chris Joseph, Phoenix, AZ; Adult Winner