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Lessons from Loíza: Unique Approaches & Perspective For Supporting Boys and Young Men of Color

MBK Leadership Forum: Lessons from Loíza: Women Leading For Boys & Young Men

This woman-led discussion focuses on the ongoing collaboration between local government and community based organizations in Loíza, Puerto Rico as they develop and implement wraparound programs and systems that meet the individual needs of boys, young men, and their families. Hear directly from leaders of the Alliance For Peace in Loíza as they share how centering the role and safety of women in this work has helped to successfully reduce violence in Loíza and promote positive socioeconomic outcomes for participants.

Expected Outcomes

Viewers will understand why and how this gender-informed approach in Loíza has been utilized to reduce violence among Boys and Young Men of Color

  • Viewers will gain awareness of how the Alliance For Peace is cultivating trust within a community that has historically been distrustful of partnerships involving local government

  • Viewers will receive examples of specific practices from the Alliance For Peace about how they have adapted and innovated their services to best meet the evolving needs of their community

Alana Feldman-Soler, Community Coordinator – Alliance For Peace,  Puerto-Rico Community Foundation (Opens in a new tab)

Tania Rosario-Méndez, Executive Director,  Taller Salud (Opens in a new tab)

Moderated by:


Alana Feldman-Soler, Community Coordinator - Alliance For Peace, Puerto-Rico Community Foundation


Tania Rosario-Méndez

Tania Rosario-Méndez, Executive Director, Taller Salud


Teresita Ayala

Teresita Ayala, The Praxis Institute


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