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Milestone 4: Complete Post-secondary Education Or Training

All Americans should receive the education and training needed for quality jobs of today and tomorrow.

By 2020, an estimated 65 percent of jobs will require post-secondary education. It has been well-documented that higher levels of education lead to higher wages for individuals and, in turn, higher tax revenues for federal, state, and local governments. Additionally, more education leads to increased public engagement of Americans in the life of their communities, regions, and states. The economic and civic health of the nation depends on a well-educated citizenry, and ensuring that all citizens are able to participate and successfully leverage educational opportunities is critical for the nation’s future.

To drive real change in our community, we must seek opportunities to:

  • Improve College Advising Services and Support Tools

  • Aim Higher in High School by Encouraging FAFSA Completion and Post-Secondary Applications

  • Expand Access to Early College, Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement / International Baccalaureate Courses, and Rigorous College Prep

  • Increase Development and Adoption of Promising and Proven College Completion and Transfer Strategies

  • Support Young People To and Through College

Key Principles

1. Cities that are globally competitive attract businesses and families when more residents pursue and successfully obtain post-secondary degrees and credentials.

2. Successful post-secondary enrollment and completion begins much earlier with strong student aspirations, mindsets and preparation.

3. Systems to track progress and provide early, consistent, and aligned supports on the journey thru K-12 and higher education increase the odds of success, especially for vulnerable students.

4. Connections to employers and jobs increase both the quality and relevance of post-secondary learning opportunities.

5. Through coordination and cooperation across institutions, alignment of financial aid according to need can significantly increase access and completion.


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