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Tasha R. Fridia

Leaders USA 2023


National Director of Tribal Programs, Friends of the Children


South Dakota



Tasha R. Fridia, Pejuta Cangleska Win (Sacred Medicine Circle Woman) is an enrolled member of the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes and is Kiowa, Caddo, and Hunka Oglala Lakota. She is the national director of Tribal Programs at Friends of the Children, an organization that strives for a future where one day, all children will have a long-term, consistent relationship with a caring adult who believes in them. Tasha leads the organization’s work in Indian Country, indigenizing the model and enhancing the two-generation approach through reclaiming tribal cultures and reconstituting extended kinship systems. Tasha is passionate about Indigenous culture as a protective factor that connects youth to their ancestors and their communities and also gives them the freedom to dream.