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Meaghan McCormack

Leaders USA 2023


CEO, St. Bernard Economic Development Foundation (SBEDF)





Meaghan McCormack has been the Chief Executive Officer of the St. Bernard Economic Development Foundation (SBEDF) since April 2020. SBEDF is now implementing St. Bernard’s 5-year strategic plan, proudly created with diverse, widespread community input and a focus on environmental sustainability. SBEDF has announced multiple major business recruitment and expansion projects representing nearly $2 billion in capital investment and over 2,500 new and retained jobs. Fifteen years post-Hurricane Katrina, St. Bernard has been named the fastest-growing Parish, with the 2nd-highest GDP in Louisiana. As an Indigenous person from a rural area in upstate New York, Meaghan is passionate about cultivating a vibrant economy in rural America that not only sustains the next generation of rural Americans but also attracts lost populations back to their roots. Meaghan has made her life's work about fostering equity, prosperity, and access to economically viable, aesthetically pleasing, safe, and prosperous communities for all.