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Girls Opportunity Alliance


Join us to drive awareness and action for girls’ empowerment. Sharing information about the Girls Opportunity Alliance with your family, friends, and community is a great way to further our mission.

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Laxmi's Photo Portrait

India | See how the Prerna Girls School helped Laxmi balance her family’s needs and her education.

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Aspect Ratio

Vietnam | Learn how the Rock-Paper-Scissors Children’s Fund provided Hay the tools she needed to succeed.

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Aspect Ratio

India | Learn how one young woman overcame gender discrimination to attend school with help from the Study Hall Educational Foundation.

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Two East-Asian woman, with long, black, tied back hair, have a conversation. They are wearing matching white dresses. The girl on the left eyeliner and her nails painted red with a golden nail on her ring finger and is talking at the moment. The girl on the right has glasses, bangs, and listens with a smile. They are seated a brown table. Their white name cards are on the desks infront of them with the Girls Opportunity Alliance logo in the corner. The girl on the left name is "Ngo Thanh Van" and on the right her name is "Kim Thuy Dinh."

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This presentation will provide you with a starting point to teach people in your life about the issue of girls’ education around the world and how we can all do our part to create change for girls. Share it with your classroom, your company, or your community.

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You can support young women around the world through the Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund.

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