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Girls Opportunity Alliance

Get Her There

Get a girl to school and she can change our world. Get her the tools and she can lift a community. Get her the opportunity and she can teach a generation.

Get Her There is our global call to action to help educate and empower adolescent girls around the world to reach their full potential. Through this initiative, the Alliance aims to bring together a diverse group of collaborators and supporters to amplify the impact of hundreds of community-based organizations worldwide, reaching thousands of adolescent girls.

Let's #GetHerThere

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Our goal is to help clear away all that’s standing in the way of girls achieving their dreams. While that’s too big of a challenge for any one of us to tackle alone, it’s something I know can be accomplished if we all work together. We all have a role to play in ensuring girls get the opportunities they deserve, so I hope everyone will join us on our mission to get every girl to the place she wants to be.”

Michelle Obama

Our Supporters

The Girls Opportunity Alliance is grateful to all donors and collaborators that are making Get Her There possible and is proud to announce a diverse coalition united in ensuring all girls are empowered with the support they need to fulfill their potential:

Corporate Sponsors
This picture shows different brands such as Lego, FedEx, Olivela,lululemon,faks, and Comcast NBC
Nonprofit Collaborators
A small picture shows many different organizations that focus on supporting
women's success including Girls Inc, Girl Rising, and many more.

Interested in Getting Involved?

The Girls Opportunity Alliance recognizes meaningful progress requires cross-sectoral collaboration, and invites corporate sponsors and brands to join us in getting every girl to the place she wants to be.