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Girls Opportunity Alliance Fundraising Toolkit (the “Toolkit”) Terms & Conditions

Terms to the Girls Opportunity Alliance Fundraising Toolkit (the “Toolkit”)

Last updated March 24, 2021

By clicking to agree to download and using the Toolkit, you (“You” or “Your”) represent and warrant to The Barack Obama Foundation (the “Foundation”) that (i) You are an individual, and not representing an entity, business, or group, (ii) You are at least 18 years old (any minor must have an adult supervisor taking responsibility for fundraising activities), and (iii) You agree to be bound by all of the following terms and conditions (“Terms”) when conducting fundraising activities to benefit projects of the Girls Opportunity Alliance (“GOA”), a program of the Foundation.

1. Financial.

You are solely responsible for the development and execution of the proposed Third Party Fundraiser, and for any and all debts, costs, or expenses relating to the Third Party Fundraiser. You acknowledge and agree that You shall not, and are not authorized to, obligate or bind the Foundation in any manner whatsoever for any debt, cost, or expense related to such Third Party Fundraiser.

2. Laws and Regulations.

You are responsible for ensuring that Your fundraising activity complies with relevant laws and regulations, including organizing any permits, licenses, insurance, or authorities to fundraise where necessary, particularly for any raffles, auctions, and/or competitions.

3. Publicity.

All promotional material on Your Third Party Fundraiser must state that it is “in support of” GOA, and not an official GOA or Foundation event.

4. Content License.

The Foundation grants You a limited, non-exclusive license to publicly display, reproduce, and distribute the photos, logos, and stories available in the Toolkit (“Content”) solely for the purpose of including in Your Third Party Fundraiser for one (1) year from the date of download. Your use is subject to the following restrictions:

  • The Foundation retains all rights in the Content and any trademarks of the Foundation depicted in the Content.

  • With the exception of Your use consistent with these terms and restrictions, the Foundation does not grant You any rights in the subject matter depicted in the Content, including without limitation, any trademark rights, rights of publicity or copyright.

  • You may not use the Content to endorse or advertise Your business, goods or services.

  • You may not distribute or make available to anyone any Content except as expressly authorized by the Foundation.

  • You may not archive or store the Content for Your own future use, or for the purpose of redistributing or sublicensing the photo for use by others.

  • You may not manipulate, alter, or distort any Content or crop any of the Content in a manner that would be misleading or change the meaning of the Content.

5. Donations.

All funds raised via any Third Party Fundraiser should be donated to the GOA fund on  GoFundMe (Opens in a new tab). Donation receipts will be sent by  GoFundMe (Opens in a new tab) directly.

6. Insurance.

The Foundation will not insure Your Third Party Fundraiser. You are responsible for ensuring the safety of Your fundraising activity. The Foundation is not liable for any personal injuries, damage to property, or other losses arising out of Your Third Party Fundraiser.

7. Indemnity.

You are responsible for Your fundraising activity intended to benefit the GOA, and you agree to indemnify and hold the Foundation blameless for any and all risk and claims that may arise as a result of the fundraising activity. The Foundation is not responsible for any liabilities, liability insurance, losses, debts, or expenses arising from the fundraising activity or promotions.

8. Relationship to the Foundation.

You may not state or imply that You are an agent, subsidiary, or partner of the Foundation or GOA, or that You hold any other formal relationship with the Foundation or the GOA.

9. Profit.

You may not keep or use any portion of the proceeds as profit or compensation for organizing the Third Party Fundraiser.