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Tania Rosas

Photo of Tania Rosas

Fellow Tania Rosas from 2019 Obama Foundation Fellows.

Bogota, Colombia


The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Education can be seen as being unfairly available to, as well as designed for, a privileged minority; paving the way for at-risk children to fall behind. In Colombia alone, only 29% of indigenous registered students will finish high school, and 30.1% of the overall indigenous population does not register in any educational area.

The Origin Learning Fund (Opens in a new tab) is addressing this challenge through O-Lab, an offline app for inclusive and personalized education. O-Lab is tailored to rural communities’ needs, with a virtual tutor in students' native language that promotes inclusivity and literacy. It is adaptable and produces clear results of impact and progress. By partnering with other NGOs, local governments and schools, the Origin Learning Fund expects to reach more than 500,000 beneficiaries across Latin America every year and begin its impact in other countries of the Global South. In 10 years, Tania expects O-Lab to be a global and personal solution to inequality.

"Although O-lab was designed with my local community’s needs in mind by forming strong alliances and partnerships with foundations, local schools, colleagues and organizations that are producing their own community-tailored content, we are expanding globally. O-Lab works as a technological partner to organizations, as well as a solution on its own. We are also placing a strong importance on having partners that will help us further develop our capacities; in the short term this is bringing quality learning opportunities to at-risk children and youth across the Global South. In the intermediate term, we expect to see an increase in economic, social, and political participation from marginalized groups, as well as an increase in self esteem and goal setting (which would come from continuing education as well as its improved quality, and empowerment courses). In the long term, we can begin seeing power-knowledge structures change, and mental frameworks of oppression shift. We maintain a framework on modern theory regarding socially progressive pedagogy, orientalism, and colonialism’s effect. Finally, we maintain an adaptability and openness to arising issues."

This Fellowship has helped me in ways I never imagined. From giving me confidence and a supportive family of social entrepreneurs that inspires me every day and pushes me to go further, to connecting with like-minded organizations around the world.

Ciara Byrne - Her passion for transformative education has inspired me to see education as a way to empower students.

Shari Davis - her confidence and vision give me faith in the new leadership and democracy.

Esther Mwaniki - her resilience inspires me to challenge limits and fight for change.