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Mrs. Obama Honors Her Mother, Marian Robinson, with Naming of Obama Presidential Center Museum Exhibit

May 6, 2022 at 8:30 AM CDT

CHICAGO – Today, ahead of the Mother’s Day holiday, Mrs. Obama announced that the “Opening the White House” exhibit at the Obama Presidential Center Museum will be named in honor of her mother, Marian Robinson. The permanent exhibit will showcase miniature models of spaces at the White House such as the East Room, the State Dining Room, and the South Lawn. Visitors to the space will also learn about the many talented artists, musicians, athletes, and performers who visited the White House during the Obamas’ time in office.

“My mother gave me non-stop, unconditional love in so many ways. She fostered in me a deep sense of confidence in who I was and who I could be by teaching me how to think for myself, how to use my own voice, and how to understand my own worth,” said Mrs. Obama, “I simply wouldn’t be who I am today without her. And that’s why this Mother’s Day, I’m so excited to announce that we’ll be dedicating a space at the Obama Presidential Center in her honor.”

The Foundation believes that naming spaces at the Obama Presidential Center in honor of those “on whose shoulders we stand” will send a message to hundreds of thousands of visitors expected to visit the Campus each year beginning in 2025 and inspire them to take action in their own communities. With the support of our donors, visitors will learn about the leaders and activists who worked to help create a more perfect union and on whose shoulders the Obamas, and so many others, stand. Thanks to the generosity of Mark Gallogly and Lise Strickler, the “Opening the White House” exhibit will honor Marian Robinson and inspire visitors.

A preliminary rendering of the “Opening the White House” exhibit can be found here (Opens in a new tab). Transcript of the video can be found here.


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