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Centering Racial Equity In Data Strategies

MBK Leadership Forum


This roundtable presents findings of a toolkit collaboratively generated by a workgroup of civic data stakeholders convened by Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy at the University of Pennsylvania. The roundtable will include the lead author of the toolkit and sites featured as “Work in Action” within the toolkit, Baltimore City & Mecklenburg County. All three sites have collaboratively generated legal frameworks that support the sharing of cross-sector data. These data are disaggregated by race and gender, and regularly communicated to the public, with the goal of supporting program and policy improvement.

Expected Outcome

Viewers will understand how local mayors navigate the challenges of ensuring their cities can best support boys and young men of color.

Bridget Blount,  Baltimore’s Promise Opens in a new tab

Dr. Lori Thomas,  Institute for Social Capital, UNC Charlotte Urban Opens in a new tab

Moderated by:

Amy Hawn Nelson, Director of Training and Technical Assistance,  Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy Opens in a new tab

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Bridget Blount, Baltimore’s Promise


The MBK Framework

The MBK Equity Framework is a resource designed for any community looking to improve the lives of boys and young men of color and underserved youth.