To drive real change in our community, we must seek opportunities to:

  • Improve College Advising Services and Support Tools
  • Aim Higher in High School by Encouraging FAFSA Completion and Post-Secondary Applications
  • Expand Access to Early College, Dual Enrollment, Advanced Placement / International Baccalaureate Courses, and Rigorous College Prep
  • Increase Development and Adoption of Promising and Proven College Completion and Transfer Strategies
  • Support Young People To and Through College

Key Principles

  1. Cities that are globally competitive attract businesses and families when more residents pursue and successfully obtain post-secondary degrees and credentials.
  2. Successful post-secondary enrollment and completion begins much earlier with strong student aspirations, mindsets and preparation.
  3. Systems to track progress and provide early, consistent, and aligned supports on the journey thru K-12 and higher education increase the odds of success, especially for vulnerable students.
  4. Connections to employers and jobs increase both the quality and relevance of post-secondary learning opportunities.
  5. Through coordination and cooperation across institutions, alignment of financial aid according to need can significantly increase access and completion.