National Impact Community: Oakland, CA

The Mentoring Center

About the Applicant

Founded in 1991, The Mentoring Center (TMC) was created to serve as a technical assistance and training provider for Bay Area mentoring programs, and expanded to provide direct services soon thereafter.  At the core of all of The Mentoring Center’s work is the concept Transformative Mentoring, a proven strategy for youth violence prevention, reentry, youth development and culturally-specific, trauma-responsive mentoring efforts.  The Mentoring Center developed Transformative Mentoring specifically to serve boys and young men of color.

As a direct service provider, TMC serves adjudicated, detained and other systems-impacted youth and young adults between the ages of 13 to30 through their Transformative Mentoring groups, life coaching, and juvenile justice programs. The Mentoring Center supports youth and young adults in detention facilities, schools, and community centers.  TMC also provides intensive reentry services for young men, ages 18 to 35, including but not limited to intensive case management, crisis intervention, Transformative Mentoring, and leadership development.

About the Project

The Mentoring Center will provide Transformative Mentoring, life coaching, case management and leadership development to boys and young men of color who are impacted by the juvenile and criminal injustice systems through an integrated and evidence-based strategy of violence prevention, intervention and reentry focuses. The Mentoring Center will continue to collaborate with the City of Oakland’s violence prevention initiative to provide services to boys and men in Oakland, who are impacted by violence. We also will provide services to young men returning to the local community, who are released from the Division of Juvenile Justice (where TMC currently provides in-facility Transformative Mentoring to boys and young men, ages 16 to 21).

Key Implementation Partners

  • MBK Oakland
  • The Mentoring Center
  • The City of Oakland
  • The Oakland/­Alameda County Alliance for Boys and Men Of Color