National Seed Community: Richmond, CA


About the Applicant

RYSE opened in 2008 after eight years of youth-led organizing and planning. Their nationally recognized integrative model prioritizes the lived experiences of young people of color. Thirty-two staff create and sustain movement toward strong, healthy, united communities where equity is the norm and violence is neither desired nor required—a strong foundation for future generations to thrive.

About the Project

For ten years, RYSE has created safe spaces toward systems that are responsive, welcoming and loving for young people of color in Richmond, CA. Preliminary evidence shows that RYSE has been able to cultivate a pipeline where boys and young men of color in Richmond feel emotional and physical safety, a positive sense of belonging, and are able to gain new skills and build relationships with peers and adults.

RYSE has partnered with the City of Richmond’s Office of Neighborhood Safety, which provides targeted cohort-based interventions for young people who are at risk of or involved in lethal violence and have not been fully supported by conventional programs. Additionally, RYSE collaborates with the Hidden Genius Project, which provides black male youth with mentorship around technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Together, the Office of Neighborhood Safety, the Hidden Genius Project, and RYSE will reach over 215 boys and young men of color and 200 adults each year to build supportive relationships and leadership pipelines.

These three programs have demonstrated promising multi-tier impacts for boys and young men of color in shifting conditions of dehumanization and harm, as well as building relationships, preventing violence and developing leadership skills.

Key Implementation Partners

  • MBK Richmond
  • City of Richmond Office of Neighborhood Safety
  • The Hidden Genius Project