National Seed Community: Atlanta, GA

Juma Ventures

About the Applicant

Founded in 1993 with a single Ben & Jerry’s Shop, Juma was designed to give homeless youth the job experience they need to transition from the streets to a stable adulthood. Since then, Juma has become a nationally recognized youth development organization focused on employment, education, financial capability, and career support services. Juma strives to break the cycle of poverty by paving the way to work, education, and financial capability for youth across America.

About the Project

Over two years, a cohort of boys and young men of color will be employed at SunTrust Park and other Juma venues, developing critical soft skills and connections to permanent employment and education. While Juma has expertise in helping youth build careers and become lifelong learners (99 percent of youth that participate in Juma programs go on to graduate from high school and 92 percent enroll in post-secondary training), CHRIS 180 and the Wholistic Stress Control Institute will provide complementary services to ensure youth gain knowledge of stress and anger triggers, develop coping skills to prevent or deescalate conflict, and strategies that foster healthy lifestyle choices. Youth will be paired with two community mentors: a peer from Georgia State University or Morehouse College and a Generational Mentor from 100 Black Men of Atlanta or Fulton County Law Enforcement. Participants will also have the opportunity to lead group mentoring with younger boys of color.

Key Implementation Partners

  • MBK Fulton County
  • Fulton County Department of Community Development
  • CHRIS 180
  • National Training Institute on Race & Equity
  • 100 Black Men of Atlanta