MBK University was conceived to achieve the following objectives:


Address the need for continuous learning, development and impact

Create common knowledge and shared understanding

Mobilize local leaders to assess progress and map measurable goals

Promote evidence-based models and approaches

We want to acknowledge the following partners who shared their expertise and knowledge with MBK Community leaders: National League of Cities, Bloomberg Associates, PolicyLink and Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, StriveTogether, Thrive Chicago and Becoming A Man – Youth Guidance, Los Angeles County Division of Youth Diversion and Development, and Black Family Development.

MBK Storytelling

MBK Storytelling is an opportunity for MBK Community leaders to come together and share personal stories from their lives that connect them to our work and our mission. The purpose of these conversations is to connect us with one another and our values. They will be hosted twice this year as a pilot to assess interest and impact.

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