How It Works

Registration: The MBK Community certification process begins when a local elected official publically accepts the MBK Community Challenge and declares their commitment to improving outcomes for boys and young men of color in their jurisdiction. Communities must also attend an onboarding session, which we offer monthly, and submit information for a main point of contact for our database. Upon completing this first step, you are considered a registered community and will be added to our mailing list for updates, office hours, and other opportunities.  As a registered community, you should also start to gather cross-sector stakeholders and identify community leaders that will make up your eventual MBK working group and inform your community-specific priorities.

Eligibility: Once you are registered, your Community is eligible for certification by convening local stakeholders, conducting a local data and policy review, and launching a local action plan. These communities are categorized as “new and emerging,” and are invited to participate in our “101-level” Learning & Development offerings to support them through this process. This phase will require a regular cadence of convenings over time (typically 3-6 months) to gather the right stakeholders, thoroughly analyze data and local policies, and align on a shared, actionable, and measurable agenda. Eligibility is all about laying the groundwork required to maintain a strong foundation in your community. As a part of this process, you will submit a roster of stakeholders at your community roundtable, a policy analysis and data references, and your plan for implementing, measuring, and communicating your aligned goals, strategies, and recommendations. 

Certification: A Community is certified when they’ve completed and provided documentation of all four steps of the MBK Community Challenge and taken the full series of MBK Equity Framework Self Assessments. Upon certification, a Community is eligible to participate in advanced Learning & Development offerings, which reflect the 8 elements of success detailed in the MBK Equity Framework and include knowledge sharing and collaboration with other established and successful MBK Communities.

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