MBK Leadership Forum - Changing the Narrative

This workshop focused on how to harness influence, influencers and the information age to drive more thoughtful, thorough, responsive, honest, and equitable discussions about narratives of boys and young men of color and their families.

Expected Outcomes

  • Viewers will have a common understanding of the definition of narrative change for BYMOC.
  • Viewers will understand the history of deficit-driven narrative for BYMOC and the efforts to counteract it.
  • Viewers will leave with specific examples and approaches to drive asset-based narrative campaigns in their communities.  

Featured Speakers

Trabian Shorters, BMe
Rashid Shabazz, Color of Change
Jana Babatunde-Bey, Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation
Michael Latt, Lead with Love
Young Leaders from Ravensbourne/Creative Lab Cultural Exchange program:
David Armah, MBK Yonkers
Lisa Hooper, Creative Lab Cultural Exchange Program

Moderated by:
Mike Muse, SiriusXM


The MBK Framework

The MBK Equity Framework is a resource designed for any community looking to improve the lives of boys and young men of color and underserved youth.

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