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President Obama launched My Brother’s Keeper in February 2014 to address the persistent opportunity gaps boys and young men of color face and to ensure all young people can reach their full potential.

Today, the Alliance works to unleash the power of communities working together to solve problems for boys and young men of color, at a level to improve real life outcomes. We believe communities are the unit of change to realize improved life outcomes for our boys. 

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MBK Model Communities

Four MBK communities demonstrating impact in at least one of the six MBK milestones.

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Every boy and young man of color in America should know that their dreams matter.

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The MBK Alliance Launches the MBK Equity Framework

The MBK Equity Framework is a new resource designed for any community looking to improve the lives of boys and young men of color and underserved youth. Learn more, take the self assessment and find tools to help you to create lasting systemic change.

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