Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the application open?

The summer internship application opened on January 29, 2018 at 9:00am CT and closed on February 12, 2018 at 5:00pm CT. More information on future internship classes will be forthcoming.

Can I still apply even though I missed the deadline?

We will not review late or incomplete applications.

What is the time commitment?

The summer internship will begin on May 29, 2018 and end on August 17, 2018. It will run for 12 weeks, and we will only accept interns who can commit full-time to the Foundation during normal business hours throughout their internship. If you are a student on the quarter system, the summer internship will run from June 18, 2018 to September 7, 2018.

Can I apply if my school operates on a quarter system?

Yes, the quarter system internship will run from June 18, 2018 to September 7, 2018.

When will I hear back?

Notifications will begin mid-March and will run through mid-April.

Can I apply if I’m not a student?

You must be an undergraduate or graduate student at the time you apply. This includes students at technical, vocational, or trade schools for their post-secondary education. Additionally, you must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the internship.

Is there an age requirement?

Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the start of the internship.

How will I be compensated?

Interns will be provided a $1,500 stipend and will be compensated for up to $1,500 in expenses directly related to the internship, for a total of up to $3,000.

Can I get course credit through the internship?

We encourage all interns to receive course credit for their work with the Foundation and will assist interns with any requisite paperwork or confirmations.

Do I need to be a U.S. citizen?

You do not need to be a U.S. citizen to apply, but you must be able to legally work within the United States. The Foundation will not assist with securing work visas.

Is English proficiency required?

Yes, interns must be fluent in spoken and written English as all programming will be conducted in English.

Can I send additional materials?

Due to the volume of applications, we cannot review additional materials sent outside of the application form. If you have a specific question, please email the Intern program at [email protected].

Will completing the internship help me get a full-time job at the Foundation?

The internship is a termed opportunity to develop workplace skills and learn more about the work of the Foundation. It is not a job interview, and interns are not entitled to full-time employment at the internship’s conclusion.

What is included in the internship?

  • Interns will be exposed to a fast-paced, high-impact environment where they will get to work closely with Foundation staff who are doing everything they can to inspire and meet people where they are.
  • Each intern will be placed with a supervisor who will act as their mentor at the organization and provide relevant feedback to them throughout the course of the term.
  • Interns will be invited to weekly all-staff meetings so they can stay up-to-date on activities across the organization.
  • Throughout the course of the term, interns will be invited to participate in brown bag lunches and presentations to learn more about the career paths and trajectories of Foundation staff.

Can I save my responses on the application and return to submit the application later?

You must submit your complete application all at once. We encourage you to download the Application Worksheet to keep track of your responses if you need more than one session to draft your responses. Please make sure you submit your application before the deadline. We will not review late applications.

Do I need to belong to a particular political affiliation to apply?

No. The Foundation is a non-partisan organization and complies with all applicable regulations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including not engaging in political activity. Further, this internship is guided by the values held by President and Mrs. Obama, including a belief in the importance of reaching across ideological differences to find common ground and pursue innovative approaches to public problems. As such, we’re looking for interns who will bring a diverse set of perspectives.

Is your question not here? Feel free to email [email protected]. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can.

Terms and Conditions


When you submit your application materials, you affirm that the information presented therein is accurate to the best of your knowledge. Applications are subject to additional research, reference checks, and vetting.

Selection at the Discretion of the Foundation

The Foundation shall select, at its sole, absolute and unreviewable discretion, those applicants selected to advance in the Internship selection process.


Applicant acknowledges that the Foundation shall have no obligation to treat any information submitted in or in connection with the Internship application as proprietary or confidential. By the submission of an Internship application, applicant thereby grants to the Foundation an unrestricted right to use all or portions of the response, including all materials and/or accompanying information submitted therewith, as it considers necessary or desirable in connection with the Internship.


The Foundation does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, parental status, veteran status, military discharge status, citizenship status or source of income or any other protected status. We encourage individuals from all backgrounds to apply for this opportunity.


Attendance for the internship term is mandatory.



Throughout their time at the White House, President Obama and Mrs. Obama were committed to hearing people’s stories and perspectives. The Correspondence team works to carry forward this mission, helping listen to and facilitate conversations between the Foundation and the public.


The mission of the Development team is to secure the funds necessary to support the design and construction of the Obama Presidential Center, to endow the Foundation and the Center’s programs, and to financially sustain the operations of the Foundation.


From producing cutting edge web content to amplifying the Foundation’s programming on social media, the Digital team is committed to inviting people to share their thoughts and ideas about the way forward—part of a multi-platform effort to engage, listen, and learn.


The Experience team is in charge of creating a work environment that fully embodies the Foundation’s values, including our Operations, IT, and People Operations teams. This team handles the “business” side of the Obama Foundation, from recruitment and retention of our incredible staff to support of our office space and resources.


The International team works to create networks and programs that empower emerging young leaders around the world by connecting them to platforms, resources, and each other in ways that catalyze positive change.

Office of the CEO

The Office of the CEO is responsible for the strategic vision of the Obama Foundation and the management of the CEO’s internal and external responsibilities, including Foundation-wide cross-functional work and coordination with the Office of Barack and Michelle Obama.

Office of the Executive Director

From providing analysis and strategy for the future Obama Presidential Center to developing the Foundation’s operating budget, this team works to advance the Executive Director’s portfolio.


The Program team works to inspire, equip, and connect the next generation of citizen leaders. Sample programs include Training Days, the Obama Foundation Fellows Program, and My Brother’s Keeper.

Public Engagement

Chicago is not only the place that President and Mrs. Obama met and raised their family — it’s also the site of the future Obama Presidential Center. This team aims to engage community members and civic leaders across the city to make Chicago a model and laboratory for the most innovative approaches to citizen engagement.

Real Estate

The Real Estate team’s mission is to plan, design, and construct an innovative and inspiring world-class home for the Foundation, its museum, and its programs. They are tasked with completing the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park.


The Research team supports the entire Foundation by vetting, fact-checking, and supporting each team’s work to ensure the Foundation delivers effective, truthful information that represents our values.