We’re bringing to life a museum that will tell the story of the Obama presidency. It will live within the new Obama Presidential Center being built on Chicago’s South Side, and serve as a testament to how ordinary people can create extraordinary change in their communities and in their countries.

So when it comes to telling the story of the historic 2008 election, it’s not just about a candidate or a campaign — it’s about the millions of people who got involved to bring about change. Telling that story is no small task, which is why we need your help.

Whether you voted for the first time, or watched your grandparents vote for the first time, whether you caucused in the Iowa winter, or knocked on doors in the Florida heat, whether you celebrated with thousands in Grant Park or tuned in from around the world, we want to hear your stories.

The sights. The sounds. What you were wearing. How you felt. Who you called. The moments you remember most.  Together, we want to capture the emotions and significance of that November night and the work that made it possible.

Some of your stories will become part of museum exhibits, and your memories will help form a rich archive, both physical and digital, for future generations to learn about this historic election through the words of those who lived it.

Read on to see how you or someone you know can submit a story, and get ready to take it back 10 years, when a campaign rooted in hope, became written in history.

We can’t wait to hear from you.


We’ll gladly accept personal narratives in the form of original, unedited audio and video recorded interviews, but we’ll also accept photographs, letters, diaries, journals, and artwork. These can be transmitted digitally if you choose not to record an interview. If you have a keepsake or an artifact that you think would be a great addition to the Museum of the Obama Presidential Center, you can share that with us right here, too. We are accepting submissions on a rolling basis.

Submit an oral history

If you’re interested in recording an audio or video interview, learn how to do it and submit here.

Submit a photo

Share a photo or image from 2008 with information that we should include in our archive here.

Submit a written reflection

Write down your memories and favorite stories from 2008, and share them here.

Submit an artifact

Share a photo of a meaningful object, like a pin, a ticket stub, or a hand-made sign from 2008 and tell us a little bit about it here. Our museum team may get in touch to learn more.